You Could Be the Cure for Blood Cancer

It was a life-changing meeting 4 years in
the making. Bob Cole:
“And what a moment now as these two will meet for the first time”. Professor Potter:
“He did an enormous thing for me, and I’d love to stay in touch.” UT sociology Professor Joe Potter is grateful
to have met the stranger who gave him the gift of life. A routine blood test four years ago revealed
Professor Potter had cancer. “When I did get back and I did go see the
hematologist that’s when I got the diagnosis that it was not a nice kind of leukemia with
those sorts of dangers or hazards the argument was that a transplant would give me my best
shot.” Before that bone marrow transplant could begin
at the Sarah Cannon Blood Cancer Center at St. David’s South Austin Medical Center,
doctors had to find Professor Potter a match. This time, miraculously, they didn’t have
to look very far. Cory Prewit: “I was just a regular college
kid who stopped by a Be The Match booth on campus and signed up and got my cheek swabbed.” Then 20-year-old Cory Prewit, from just outside
Austin, registered for the national bone marrow registry between classes. For every 430 people who join the registry,
only one will be a match. So, he was surprised when he got that phone call. “They said, “There’s a 70 year-old gentleman
with lymphoma and we think you’re gonna be a match for him.” He really needs this
bone marrow, your bone marrow, if you’d be willing to donate. And I said “You know
what? Absolutely.” “It’s really an easy process. It really
doesn’t require a lot from you to make a really outsized impact on someone’s life.” Since that transplant in January of 2017,
Prewit never knew what happened to his bone marrow recipient until they met for the first
time…at Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium. Welcome to the field Professor Joe Potter
and Cory and their families. Joined by representatives of St. David’s HealthCare who partnered
with Be The Match to connect Cory and Professor Potter. Cory Prewit: “I didn’t know what to expect,
he’s just such an awesome guy I’m so happy to have met him. I can’t think of someone
who I’d rather help besides him, it was awesome.” “I’ve Come to realize more about being
a donor, what’s so special about it. It’s somebody who’s doing something for somebody
they don’t know.” Professor Potter: “He’s given me a much
better chance and for that I am extremely grateful.” grateful.”