Wouter I. Schievink, MD | Cedars-Sinai

I’m Dr. [Wouter] Schievink. I’m a Professor
of Neurosurgery here at Cedars-Sinai. I’m the Director of the Microvascular
Neurosurgery Program. My areas of
expertise are really, number one, the vascular aspects of neurosurgery.
Number two: Leaks of
cerebral spinal fluid either in the spine or the skull base.
There is a whole variety of vascular problems that
affect the brain and spinal cord. The most common examples are things like aneurysms.
Often times, it runs in families. 1 out of 5 patients with a brain aneurysm
will have a close family member with an aneurysm.
When I meet with a patient who has a
serious neurosurgical problem, I usually try to explain
the specifics of the problem and what to expect. I often encourage them to
talk to patients or family members of patients who have gone through something similar.

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