Withings iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Blood Pressure Monitor

Welcome to this review of the Withings blood
pressure monitor. The Withings blood pressure monitor is the
first monitor specifically designed to be used in conjunction with your iphone, ipad
or ipod touch. Just like a traditional blood pressure monitor
the Withings monitor measures your systolic and diastolic blood pressure, along with your
pulse rate, however it then stores this data directly onto your iphone, or other iOS device,
to provide you with in-depth health data and tracking. Simply download the free Withings app to your
Apple device and you can do a host of different things including generating graphs, analyzing
trends in your blood pressure, calculating averages from sequential readings and much
more. You will also have your own personal account
on the Withings website which gives you access to e-health and other online services. Again, unlike traditional monitors, this unit
offers a multi-user capability which makes it perfect for monitoring the whole family’s
blood pressure over time. In keeping with its multi-user capability
the cuff also adjusts to work with arms from 9 to 17 inches in circumference. Finally, this monitor uses 4 AAA batteries,
which are included with your purchase. But what do users think of the Withings blood
pressure monitor? Perhaps not surprisingly this is a popular
monitor and 8 out of 10 buyers say that they are very pleased with their purchase. In particular, buyers love how easy this monitor
is to use. Simply slip on the pre-formed cuff, plug the
unit into your Apple device and you’re away. They also like the Withings App which is very
easy to download and install and provides great tracking and display functions without
being too complicated to use. The ability to use this monitor for the whole
family is also welcomed and it makes a pleasant change from most other monitors which will
allow you to record data for just one or two people. Measuring your blood pressure is only one
part of monitoring your health and just as important is recording your data and seeing
how you blood pressure improves or deteriorates over time so that you can make sensible health
and lifestyle choices. If you are looking for a simple way to combine
a monitor with a powerful tracking and analytics application then look no farther than the
Withings blood pressure monitor.

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