Withings Blood Pressure Monitor Review – One Year Later

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor Review – One Year Later

Withings blood pressure monitor review Alright. Nothing’s happening Let me plug it back in Ah. There we go Batteries low. Unplug the blood pressure monitor and change the batteries my unit came with dead batteries come on now I’m going to put some new batteries in here and we’ll try this again what! Change the batteries? I got the replacement from amazon Luckily, I ordered directly from Amazon.com instead of withings because I read that the exchange process wouldn’t have
been as smooth with amazon all you do is go on their site and it was really easy to easy order a return label for the old unit and they actually ship out the new one before the receive the old one so we are going to try this again I haven’t lost faith in Withings just because of that one incident because I actually have their scale and it has given me no problems what-so-ever there we go good news is that i don’t have a low battery message this metal part is supposed to be facing the forearm so let’s try it out alright. so now we’re at my withings account online I just wanted to login and show how the blood pressure data is shown on a nice graph so you can you can analyze it in that fashion as well as you can
compare against any other data that you collecting so for instance i have uh… the withings scale also and so it’s kinda cool to diagnos any trends and see what’s happening so for instance but see this reading was around march 125 over 70 I weighed myself around that same time…194 blood pressure was high on on this day around that time one ninety three looks like it’s high this day also I probably should use the blood pressure monitor more often to be able to really analyze any trends, but ah… I use the scale almost everyday like like this for instance is a juice fast that I did and I went from 202 to one eighty nine probably would have been cool to have some blood pressure readings, just to see what happens but, anyway overall, my review of the product is good had a little glitch in the beginning with the
defective device at first but exchange was pretty smooth, got working
device right away and um… i definitely would recommend it (Withings Blood Pressure Monitor) Subscribe to the MyInnerG channel


  1. this is sweet. i assume the link is an affiliate. It didn't work. If I get one, I'll go through your link. Just let me know when its fixed.

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