Why Do I Feel Lightheaded When I Stand Up?

Why Do I Feel Lightheaded When I Stand Up?

So there you are, crouched low on the ground,
tying your shoe or inspecting some interesting bit of trash or sidewalk art or
spring flower… and everything’s cool until you stand up too fast. Then comes the headrush. Suddenly you’re all dizzy and feeling like
you might black out, and just as you think you’re gonna fall over, everything’s back
to normal, and you’re left wondering what the heck just happened? Well, probably your blood pressure dropped
is what happened. Your blood pressure will vary a little throughout
the day, like if you’re stressed or relaxing, running or sleeping, but in general it exists
within an average range. That said, individual’s normal ranges also
vary — for example, athletes typically have lower blood pressure than overweight smokers
— and what’s normal for you might be considered low or high for me. We’ve all heard how elevated blood pressure,
or hypertension, can be dangerous it puts extra strain on the heart, and can cause
arterial walls to leak or rupture — but low blood pressure, or hypotension, can also cause
problems. Like dizziness and fainting. Lots of conditions can lead to temporary or
chronic low pressure, like pregnancy, dehydration, anemia, or taking various medications. But there are a specific types of hypotension,
too, when it’s specifically associated with things like eating or nerve damage. When you stand up too fast and get that wobbly,
head-rushy sudden drop in blood pressure? Doctors call that orthostatic, or postural
hypotension. It happens because even though your blood
keeps circulating no matter what position you’re in, when you stand, gravity causes
some of the blood to collect in your legs. Your body is supposed to combat this by constricting
blood vessels and ramping up your heart rate — effectively increasing the pressure to
help keep enough of your blood flowing through important places like your brain. But sometimes when you jump up too quickly,
that sudden change in blood flow and drop in pressure can strike before your circulatory
system has a chance to recalibrate, and now you’re seeing stars and groping for balance
— which is basically your desperate brain’s way of telling you it needs more oxygen. Usually it only takes a few seconds for the
adjusted blood pressure to kick in, but if that initial drop is too extreme, you could
actually faint. If you’re feeling faint all the time, especially
when you haven’t just stood up quickly … well, you might want to get that checked out. But
lots of people get head rushes now and then, and it isn’t a big deal. Still, if you’d rather avoid the dizziness,
just remember to take your time standing up the next time you tie your shoes. Thanks to patreon patron Alexa Singer for
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  1. The room is black and white, walls are pushing out, the room's spinning, flashing black and white, then dizziness, voices, then it all stops.

  2. I once fell as in stood up..and the next thing i remember is being on the floor with a giant and deep ass cut on my arm after cutting it on the radiator craziest experience of my life

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  4. Um I actually do end up falling over. I get atleast 1 a day. But I have fallen over 4 times. Down the stairs twice and near the stairs once. And durring school. My sight normaly goes black which leads to some embarassing moments.

  5. Just drink a lot of water and sleep
    I did that because i know i was lacking those two I sleep 3:00
    And wake up 9:00
    And i just want water when i wanted to
    So if u want to cure it use coccaine

    Ps: i didn't actually do it. although i just said that to make me feel better PLZ HELP MEE MY HEAD SUCKS BALLS I REMEMBER THAT MY MATH TEACHER WAS SO PRETTY 😍 BUT SHE SLAP ME IN THE FACE CUZ I ACCIDENTALLY STEP ON HER BAG 😂

  6. I know this is very late but, sometimes when i’m laying down for only a short period of time my head hurts and I have to stand up. Also sometimes during school, when i’m walking my eyesight gets blurry and I see different colors and I fall to the ground is this normal with all people or..?

  7. I always get this even though I don’t stand up fast its normal for me I saw a meme and searched it up I did it five times and nothing im a potato

  8. Lmao everyone in the comments trying to diagnose other people with POTS. Like, it's pretty obvious when people are just dizzy standing up vs POTS

  9. I get this thing where everything goes grey, I can barely see anything, which is what I think you explain in this video. But, when it gets really bad by muscles start vibrating, and when I fall it feels almost like a fit. I imagine this is just my muscles trying to gain movement again the way you do when you lift weights. If you think that this could be anything else an explination or something that would be incredible.

  10. This happens to me all the time but today I actually passed out and My chins bleeding now 😂 I don't even remember falling and my sister said my eyes were rolled back when I was on the gound

  11. whenever i get up from laying down, everything goes black and i kinda lose balance. it’s kinda like going blind. but it only lasts a few seconds then everything is back to normal. i don’t think it’s just a head rush. someone help lmao

  12. I get this every time I stand up… is that bad?

    Edit: and I mean every time.
    I’ve fainted a few times as well

  13. This happened when i was outside sitting on a little ramp in the hot sun. I get up and feel everything just turn slow and dumb, next I got completely blind and fall over. It went away after 5 seconds but it feels so weird and good.

  14. Sometimes it happens when Ive been standing for a while or pretty much whenever I stand up. I’m probably fine, right?

  15. One time this happened and I fell into a seizure iv been having regular seizures ever since one time falling and hitting my head causing a brain haemorrhage I'm constantly in induced comas in intensive care il probably die soon so don't assume you're safe this guy doesn't have a clue!

  16. When I stand up its just my sight is black and blind I couldn't see anything for a few minutes and my head hit the wall,
    When my brother call me that's when I realized where I am.. And what I want to do..

    I ask my brother why I fainted, he said that I suddenly fainted…

  17. Today I got up at 4 AM to close my window, because the sounds of those stupid birds woke me up. So I get up, walk the 1 meter to my window to close it and then very quickly everything went black. I must have managed to take 1 or 2 steps when I fainted because I was facing a different direction when falling. I hit the back of my head quite hard on my dresser… This is the first time I actually fainted from getting up, instead of just getting a blurry vision and feeling weird for a couple seconds.

  18. One time I was on the ground with my barbies when I got up to go to the kitchen and collapsed flat on the floor.

  19. Literally every time I stand up I get this horrible head rush, I’m a very energetic person so that might be the problem, and I’m just getting up to fast… but I really don’t know

  20. I have them every time I’m in my bed like for 20 mins and when I get up and start walking for a bit I get dizzy start leaning everywhere losing my balance things start to go black but I can still see things but there blurry until it stop seconds later legit happens everyday

  21. I was sat on the floor, and went to stand up to put a big, heavy metal box high up, my vision went, box hit my head and lay silent for 30 seconds..

  22. After being a couch potato for 30 mins, I stand up and suddenly my legs start feel drained like I no power over them. Then I see flashes of darkness with microscopic stars floating around.. it’s interesting feeling, scary but irritating because it happens ALL THE TIME.. Anybody have this feeling?? Or is it just me🤕🤔

  23. this helped a lot..i have been experiencing this and I thought I was going to pass out…i'll try standing up slower more often..

  24. For the last week or two no matter how quick or slow I stand up my vision always blacks out and I feel really dizzy and light headed. I've never had this problem. And yet again sometimes I don't even need to stand up. I just feel light headed

  25. For over a year now I get light headed every time I stand after sitting for a while, but every so often I faint and have spasms and it just feels like being possessed

  26. Went to the doctor's they said everything is fine the blood pressure all fine

    But why everytime I stand up I feel light head heachache kindof
    Am 13

  27. when i stand up I get really dizzy, and I fall onto whatever is near, dresser, bed, whatever. and for a good 3 seconds all I see is rainbow skinny lines and dots with a black background and then I'll fall over. idk. its happened a lot lately.

  28. This happens to me all the time like I can feel the whole room spinning and It goes black for like a few seconds

  29. Today i was lying like 3hours in my bed and wanted to go to the kitchen and i was getting so dizzy and suddenly my whole body begon to shake and i just dropped down to the floor

  30. Lately my head rushes have been getting worse. Today was actually scary, I got up from crouching and I literally felt like I was fighting to stay awake. I could already hear the ambulance

  31. I felt like my brain was dead, I could not see anything and I was just standing there paralised for good 8-10 seconds. Noice

  32. It happened to me when i was pettig my kitten i stood up amnd went to my draw or whatever and my eyes went almost completely black and blurry for like 7 seconds-

  33. If you have that you Just need to exhail and it will get better a lot faster i do it all the time and it Always helps xp

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