What is the difference in claiming a warranty on low quality versus high quality solar panels?

What is the difference in claiming a warranty on low quality versus high quality solar panels?

(music) – I was given the bum’s rush on the last warranty claim. They didn’t want to proceed in a hurry, It took 18 months and I still got no satisfaction. And anything that I had a
relevant point to bring up, they just ignored. They didn’t answer it. They just pretended that
I didn’t say anything. It was distressing. um, my blood pressure went up. I was not well. I’m not. I’m a self-funded retiree, so I can’t afford a lawyer and I had to let it go. Not happy about it. But I had to let it go. (music) – You know they were just the cheap, budget, Chinese panel. That a lot of the panels have actually burned through the backing board as well. So they were in real bad shape. So it’s gone to the landfill. And in Jane’s case, they got to the stage where they just wore her out and she just gave up. – And dealing with an inter-state company was the pits. I think their whole modus operandi, is to keep me running around, long enough, until I just got too tired. Which is exactly what happened. I felt I had a valid case, but I didn’t have the money, to follow it up. And I think they knew that. – I’ve been doing LG now, I think for roughly five years. And, no issues whatsoever. – We chose LG, decided to go with LG, because that was the product,
that talking around town, had been in the field as an electrician, that was recommended, by a lot of people around town. Yeah, I had an issue
with one of the panels, it was faulty, it wasn’t working. Now, I thought, “Here we go.” We got to go through all these issues of warranty and, you know, they want this evidence, they want that evidence. But, it wasn’t. It was a totally new experience for me. And dealing with LG on a warranty claim wasn’t a problem at all. They acted on it, and they were real polite. Real easy to deal with. And they sent the Quality Solar around. They fixed it, no stress. Nothing at all. It was really easy,
pain-free and, um, quick. That’s the big thing. It was just quick. I rang up, they took the call. They responded. It was replaced. And all done within a week, I think, from memory. – If anyone is smart, and does their homework, and research. I find that you deal with a local company, get a good warranty, get a good system and you’re not going to have a problem. – Oh, I couldn’t be happier with Bill. He’s very patient. I’ve gone for LG, because it’s a big company. It makes everything. And I’m thinking that they wouldn’t renege on any claims they make because they can’t afford to. – I’ve recommended Bill, Quality Solar, to a lot of people. And, Bill’s actually gone
and done my sister’s place. And they were happy with his work. And he’s gone and quoted
other people I’ve known and, look, I can’t give
him enough of a wrap, in regards to, the work that he does. You have to pick quality and I would pick Quality Solar, to install it. You look around at the workmanship and everything that goes with it, as a tradesman. No, he did a fantastic job. Him and his crew, are the people to see.

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