What Hypothermia Does To Your Body And Brain

What Hypothermia Does To Your Body And Brain

– [Narrator] Hypothermia. It’s something you see all too often in movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio. But what is it, exactly? And how does it really happen? Our body is always trying to maintain a balmy temperature of around
98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or 37 degrees Celsius. Hypothermia occurs when
our body loses heat faster than we can produce it. Hypothermia doesn’t only
strike sinking ship victims and 19th century fur trappers
wandering in the wilderness. Studies estimate that
about 1,500 Americans die of accidental hypothermia each year. In fact, exposure to
the cold is responsible for twice as many deaths
as heat exposure annually. Young children and the elderly
are especially vulnerable. So why is hypothermia so dangerous? Most heat loss occurs
when unprotected surfaces radiate heat away from the body. In addition, wearing wet clothes
makes heat loss even worse, and wind chill can quickly
escalate the situation because it strips away the thin layer of heat on the skin’s surface. As your temperature drops,
your body and brain fire back. Your thyroid and adrenal glands release a flood of hormones that
boost your metabolism, heart rate, and blood pressure. In the brain, the hypothalamus tells your blood vessels to constrict. This moves the blood further
from the skin’s surface where heat can escape. Your hypothalamus also signals
your muscles to shiver, which kicks your metabolism into overdrive two to five times the normal rate. At this point, you’re on the brink. If you don’t get to safety soon, you’ll be in severe hypothermia
and be in serious trouble. Eventually, even your
brain will grow colder. When this happens, it
stops functioning properly, which can make you feel
dizzy, disoriented, and even want to strip naked. Before too long, you’ll run the risk of permanent brain damage. But just how long do you have? It’s hard to know because
each situation and person is completely different. However, radiologist Anna
Bagenholm currently holds the record for surviving the
coldest body temperature. After a skiing accident she endured 80 minutes in freezing cold water. Her body temperature had plummeted to 56.7 degrees Fahrenheit,
or 13.7 degrees Celsius. Hopefully, that never happens to you. But here are some tips
for treating hypothermia with several safety measures. Immediate first aid. Victims can also be
treated with warm IV fluids and salt water solutions. And you can help avoid hypothermia
with some safety measures like wearing appropriate clothing, avoiding over-exertion in cold conditions, and letting people know what
time you expect to arrive. Run smart, travel smart, and dress smart, even if it makes you look
like a giant marshmallow. (light upbeat music)


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    She walked right past me.

  2. Hypothermia a Greek word from Ypo = sub and thermia = Temperature and is exactly what the word implies when the body temperature is less than the normal i.e. 36 celcious

  3. I'm writing a book right now and the main chatacter falls through the ice of a frozen lake so this is seriously helpful omg thank you

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  5. Can you imagine that many children syria freezw to death in winter as a result of this as they only have tents to live in to escape from the war with hardly any food 🙁

  6. I used to be like that at least once a month when I sit close to the arconditioning in my classroom, sometimes for almost an hour. Didn't know it was that dangerous

  7. There's a guy I know that wears nothing but a white undershirt tank top and jeans Everytime, regardless of the weather. Even in snowy winters. Same outfit, every day. Dude was always a sight to see lmao

  8. I've had hypothermia because I went out to play in the snow with wet hair. I was shivering for a while while my parents were keepimg me warm in various ways. I don't think it was anything severe but it wasn't damn enjoyable let me tell you that. Your whole body is shivering and you can't stop it, your muscles contract so they start to ache and hurt a little. Your jaw also shivers and hits your teeth constantly and you can't do anything to stop it.

  9. So I walked to school in -40°C weather for about 10 minutes then had to turn around and walk back. When I got home my skin was extremely swollen, itchy, hot and bright red. The bumps were so bad, what stage was I at?

  10. My friend actually caught hypothermia in her country England when she was younger, her mum rushed her to the hospital and she ended up spending a week in there for checkups and she said that she actually ended up having a good time in the hospital since they wrapped her up in three blankets and gave her a hot cocoa. But she did NOT enjoy the hypothermia. She said it felt like cold needles pricking into your skin.

  11. 56.7???? wow, considering 84 is the limit, that is amazing, i wonder what the hottest temperature on record is, probably like 117 or something insane like that

  12. Titanic, my favorite movie at the left. Idk what's the title of Leonardo DiCaprio's movie on the right

    Yay my favorite movie Titanic!

  13. After watching Titanic, I was curious to see how I would be if I was in that temperature of water (-28 degrees F), so I did something sorta like the ice bath challenge, measuring out how cold it was by how much ice I put in, and it finally got to that temperature. I put on roughly the same amount of clothing Jack had on, and put my hand in. I didn't last a second…

  14. I believe that my lowest observed temperature was about 91 Fahrenheit. It was a pretty fascinating sensation riding my bicycle for several hours in the middle of a cold night with limited protection. Everything slowed down. I didn't feel cold per-say. Energy was reduced. Mental capacity diminished. I felt like I wanted to just stop and sit down. I felt like if I had done that, then I might not have survived the night. You should try it sometime.

  15. I live in Michigan and almost died during the polar vortex last month. I had to walk 11 miles in 7C weather and I forgot to put socks on. I got to a gas station and took my clothes off Then I woke up in the hospital confused. It took two days for me to finally get my core temperature right. Winter is no joke!

  16. R.I.P Simon Shelton AKA
    Tinky Winky

    An Actress IN The Children’s Show, Teletubbies,
    Has Passed Away From Hypothermia.
    I’m Crying 😭 RN

  17. Your assessment is wrong the record of lasting the coldest is not that female u just listed u dont know shit about what ur saying as if a female cud stay in the cold for long get it right u unintelligent boy is a man who walks on ice barefoot know what ur talking bout for tou start making dumbass analogies

  18. I think i was about once to pass out from hypothermia (at least thats what it felt like).
    I was in my room, with only a shirt, a thin sweater and short pants, it was cold and was raining, forgot to close the window.
    Then i started to feel weak and extremely cold, i wanted to sleep so bad and i could barely keep my eyes open.
    I just remove my sweater and i lay down in my sofa, my sister noticed and hopefully my parents helped me.
    I've heard that if you sleep while you have hypothermia is dangerous and you could die. Welp, guess i was about to die then. Still terrifying.

  19. What the video forgot to mention is that it's not because your brains not working properly that makes you want to strip naked.

    After shivering for so long your muscles become exhausted and relax, including your veins. Your veins suddenly come close to the surface of your skin again where it is adjusted to the cold and that makes you feel like you're overheating despite bring cold. This feeling is what makes victims want to strip naked in an attempt to cool off. Your brain not working properly is what makes you think getting naked in freezing weather is a good idea.

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