We Sent a GoPro to SPACE! | Full Footage

3, 2, 1 let go scream* yay im excited thats pretty high i will! kinda shaky well here we are much height flying around and stuff cool town im waiting for a bird to eat up the camera CHOMP oh btw subscribe to pewdiepie here ill give some actual subtitles *woosh* *woooOOoOshh* *air sounds more air souds are you really gonna watch this whole thing? you should its worth it 2 minutes and 20 seconds in btw we are farmers dum dum dum dum dum dum dum hmmm I have autism its cool watching the world from so high of course this is from north korea why has nobody else made subtitles for this yet? it was such a missed opprotunity *woosh* oh hey flat earthers youre wrong the world is a dinosaur you can see by this video see the curve? [DEMONITIZED] so… how are you doing today? [CENSORED] bad :(((? if youre sick i hope you get better also hey ill be writing captions for like 2 more minutes soo if youre bored go hit up an ex thats always fu WOOOOshhh this is fun omg what if it gets taken by aliengs crap i mispelled aliens im writing captions i cant do that this is soothing leaving all your problems on the ground aight imma head out have fun! subscribe to pewdiepie (and this channel) byeeeee

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