Valpar Industrial Tubing

Valpar  Industrial Tubing

Valpar industrial are global
cutting-edge plastic extrusion company operation for over three decades. Valpar touches many different industry sectors and plastic tube
manufacture from automotive to pneumatic, beverage to gas and many more it is our
privilege to count many of the world’s leading players in
these industries as our customers. Innovation is the
lifeblood of our company on a daily basis for delivering
groundbreaking products designs and solutions to our customers
in nearly every country on the planet. Our experienced team of
engineers are constantly challenging themselves. With
extensive laboratory facilities on site and strong ties with local specialists
and universities solidify this foundation of knowledge in development which has delivered many patents and
industry firsts throughout the years. Valpar have a
global network flexing throughout every continent an ability to tap into
existing logistical facilities or provide custom tailored solutions to
specific needs stop our industrial is a flexible,
focused innovation based company dedicated to
our customers and persuit of improvement. We are always striving for
new challenges. Contact us today and let us be your solution.