Top 10 Untold Truths of the Heart Attack Grill

Top 10 Untold Truths of the Heart Attack Grill

Who doesn’t love a fast food burger and
fries every now and then? The fact that fast food joints such as McDonald’s
and Burger King do so well is a clear indicator that most people do. Not to mention, most people think that whenever
they splurge on burgers and fries from one of these joints, they are eating the least
nutritious meal around. They are actually quite wrong, because fast
food from those restaurants are actually quite low in calories compared to what is offered
at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada. So prepare to be shocked as we look at the
top 10 untold truths of Heart Attack Grill. One Major Oxymoron The Heart Attack Grill was founded in 2005
in Tempe, Arizona by former health nut and personal trainer Jon Basso. He not only owned several fitness studios
and Jenny Craig franchises, but he used to preach to everyone he knew about weight loss. He then realized that not everyone could lose
weight easily due to their genetic makeup. Along with other challenging situations, he
became bitter and jaded about the weight loss industry. He then decided it was time to go 180 and
began by listening to stories from his clients about how they cheated on their diets. Basso also loved the idea of serving food
that was so bad for you that it would be shocking! After being inspired by writing a marketing
essay about gym studios in conjunction with the fascination of how his former clients
cheated on their diets, the Heart Attack Grill was born. Basso created a hospital themed restaurant
where the waitresses pose as nurses. When they take your orders, they act as if
they are taking down your prescriptions! There were several franchises in Arizona and
in Dallas, Texas, however, those did not work out. So if you want to go to the Heart Attack Grill,
then you’ll have to go to Las Vegas, Nevada where this is the only one. Basso’s message to those who eat there is
to eat at your own risk! People Over 350 Lbs Eat Free Those who want to eat at the Heart Attack
Grill must be prepared for the fact that they are going to get weighed before they enter
the restaurant by a nurse/waitress on a livestock scale. Remember, this is a hospital-themed restaurant
so you will be instructed to step on the scale before entering just like you would when you
actually go see your doctor. And here is the kicker. If you weigh 350 lbs or more then you will
be able to eat for free! With that said, if you weigh 349 lbs or less,
then you will have to pay for your meal. And if one of the things on your bucket list
is to go to the Heart Attack Grill to eat for free, then you will need to keep gaining
weight. If you’re nowhere near the 350 mark, all
you need to do is live as much of a sedentary lifestyle as you possibly can while you eat
a box of pizza each night, along with other fast food menu items! Keep plenty of candy bars in stock as well. And then before you know it, you will hit
your goal of 350 lbs and can now enjoy eating at the Heart Attack Grill for free! Lucky you! Several Deaths Are Tied to the Heart Attack
Grill Plenty of jokes about having a heart attack
at the Heart Attack Grill go around for obvious reasons. However, several deaths have actually been
tied to the restaurant. The spokesperson for the restaurant, Blair
River, age 29, weighed 575 lbs at the time he passed away after complications from pneumonia
on March 1, 2011. River was a good friend of the owner, Jon
Basso, and Basso was saddened that he lost his life at a young age and even acknowledged
that his weight may have played a role in not fighting off the pneumonia. The Arizona franchise closed several months
after River’s death. Additionally, in April 2012, a woman ended
up unconscious while eating one of their Double Bypass Burgers. She was also drinking booze and smoking as
well. And, here is the ultimate irony. The official Heart Attack Grill spokesperson,
John Alleman, who was also a daily patron ended up dying from a sudden heart attack
while he was at the bus stop right in front of the restaurant in February of 2013. Alleman was only 52 years old at the time. Also, a year before that, a man was eating
a Triple Bypass Burger which is even worse in caloric value than some of the others served
there and started having a heart attack. Basso had to call 9-1-1 and the customer was
taken to a real hospital! The Vegan Menu Is Cigarettes Fast food joints such as Burger King, McDonald’s,
Taco Bell, Wendy’s and so on will offer salads or some form of vegetarian options on their
menus. However, if you were to go to the Heart Attack
Grill and ask for a salad or inquire about vegetables being put on your ultimate fattening
burgers, you will be laughed at! Well actually they do offer tomato and onion
slices but if you are looking to eat anything healthy, other than that, you can forget it. And, if you are a vegetarian or a vegan, then
this is not the restaurant for you. There are absolutely no vegetables or healthy
options available. Even their all-you-can-eat Flatliner Fries
are fried in animal lard, not vegetable oil because again, nothing related to anything
healthy is associated with this restaurant. And that also means if you are a vegan or
a vegetarian, the only thing you could order from the restaurant that has nothing to do
with meat or animal fat are cigarettes. Yes, cigarettes are on the menu. Their Mexican-bottled Coca-Cola is also made
of cane sugar, so perhaps vegetarians can enjoy that if they wanted to experience the
restaurant. Chances are a vegan or a vegetarian would
not want to step one foot in the door. However, if you have a good friend who is
a vegetarian and wants to go with you to the Heart Attack Grill, then go and wolf down
the Triple Bypass Burger with unlimited Flatliner Fries. All this while your vegetarian friend can
smoke a few cigarettes, drink that Mexican-bottled Coca-Cola, and shake their head in complete
disbelief. One of the Burgers Is About 20,000 Calories You may have heard that the Quadruple Bypass
Burger from the Heart Attack Grill was the worst possible fast food item that anyone
could possibly eat. This is because it is made up of four half-pound
beef patties, eight American cheese slices as well as 20 pieces of bacon and it adds
up to just around 10,000 calories. However, you would be either excited or horrified
to know that the Quadruple Bypass Burger is no longer the worst item on the Heart Attack
Grill menu. That crown goes to the Octuple Bypass, which,
as the name implies, has nearly the double the amount of calories as the Quadruple Bypass
Burger! The Octuple Bypass burger is just around 20,000
calories and consists of eight half-pound patties, 40 bacon strips, lots of cheese,
chili, and a tomato. By the way, their buns are also fried in lard. This is a true heart attack on a plate. The one thing that many people wonder about
this extreme burger is how can you possibly pick that thing up and eat it? Let alone be able to finish it in one sitting! Think about it. If the average adult needs around 2,000 to
2,500 calories a day, then the Octuple Bypass is really meant to keep you sustained for
7 to 10 days! After eating this burger, you probably won’t
be hungry again for at least a week! A Spanking If You Don’t Finish If you hear of someone being spanked for not
finishing their meal, you would automatically think it was the 1950s and Timmy didn’t
eat his broccoli! At the Heart Attack Grill, if you do not finish
the calories that were prescribed to you, then the nurse/waitress will not be pleased
and she will give you a spanking! You really are expected to finish up that
prescription of calories that the doctor ordered for you. However, is the spanking mandatory? No. That is if you are a good patient, then you
will be let off the hook. However, the nurse will be quite sad if you
still fail to finish your meal. And before you become terrified of going to
the Heart Attack Grill due to the strong possibility of failing to finish your meal, don’t be. The spanking that patients receive will not
hurt. You will be asked if you want the spanking
to be hard or mild, and again, if you don’t want to be spanked at all, then they will
respect that as well. Just remember that the spanking that you would
receive at the Heart Attack Grill for not finishing your food is all for fun. Free Wheelchair Service at the Heart Attack
Grill The Quadruple Bypass Burger is 9,982 calories. And you know that the Octuple Bypass Burger
takes the cake at nearly 20,000 calories. Add any of those burgers to the unlimited
Flatliner Fries that are fried in lard along with loads of mozzarella cheese and gravy
splattered all over it, and that right there is a recipe for a heart attack. Why stop there when you can increase your
risk by having any of those along side the butterfat milkshakes that the Heart Attack
Grill proudly offers as well. With that said, anyone who is able to finish
those hefty burgers will automatically get wheelchair service by one of the nurse/waitresses. That comes with the order, and if you are
successful in going through the “procedure” aka the hefty calorie consumption, then you
will be wheeled over from the restaurant right to your car! Doesn’t that sound like fun? The service is not included with the Single
Bypass and Double Bypass Burgers because those ones are not life-threatening enough to warrant
such measures. Get Paid To Appear On Infomercials Have you dreamed about becoming a star? Well, if you go to the Heart Attack Grill,
your wish could very well come true! Heart Attack Grill is working with Bad Diet
Productions to help them produce rock videos and infomercials. They are looking for extraverted and fun people
to go in front of the camera, and they will pay them quite well for this too! They need people to be involved in their projects,
and if this is something you have really wanted to do, then this is your chance! How can anyone really turn away from such
an exciting opportunity? You go to Vegas, have some fun at the casinos,
then try out the Heart Attack Grill on Fremont street. And, you also have a chance to appear on camera
while you are getting involved in a Bad Diet Production, and you get paid for it! This opportunity really has to be on everyone’s
bucket list. Well, not everyone. Those who are introverts, vegans, vegetarians,
health conscious, or camera shy are not going to be the ideal candidates for this opportunity. However, for anyone else, you only live once
right? Go and have an Octuple Bypass Burger along
with unlimited Flatliner Fries and a butterfat milkshake if you dare! And then go and tell them that you want to
be on camera, and get paid for it! That is a once in a lifetime kind of thing! Let’s just ignore the fact that you may
have significantly shortened your lifetime in the process. Sharing Is Forbidden As mentioned before, you are expected to finish
your food if you go to the Heart Attack Grill. And, you already know that you will be spanked
if you fail to finish your “prescription”, so it is not a surprise that if you make the
commitment to eat at the Heart Attack Grill, you will have to finish what you order. Especially the larger burgers! That’s right, you cannot split or share
the larger ones, and this is why if you dare yourself to eat one of their larger burgers,
then you really are making that commitment. The only exception is that you are permitted
to split the extremely tame 2,500-calorie Single Bypass Burger or the Coronary Dog along
with the sides. With that said, if you’re not daring enough
to try one of their larger burgers, but you still want to have the experience of eating
at one of the most intriguing restaurants around – then you are better off with sticking
to the Single Bypass Burger. Because you are allowed to split it and share
it with others. However, just remember the nurses won’t be
pleased and you may still end up with a spanking. An Unexpected Complaint It should not come as a shock to anyone that
the Arizona Board of Nursing would file a complaint about the Heart Attack Grill. Think about it. They serve the unhealthiest food around, and
any restaurant that offers burgers that are close to 20,000 calories along with unlimited
fries that are fried in lard will cause medical associations to file many complaints. However, the Arizona Board of Nursing filed
a complaint against the Heart Attack Grill for the fact that their waitresses are dressed
in naughty, cleavage-baring, skimpy nurse uniforms in high heels! They believed that this was an insult to the
nursing profession. While they may have a point, there are also
other obvious medical issues associated with the restaurant. It’s sort of just a weird scene all around. No heart attack concerns with our content! So stick around and tap that screen to check
out one of our great videos. And we’d love it if you subscribe to our
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