Top 10 Causes of High Blood Pressure

Top 10 Causes of High Blood Pressure

Top 10 causes of high blood pressure. Heart ailments like heart attacks and other
cardiovascular diseases claim approximately 80% lives in low and middle income countries,
according to a global brief on hypertension published by WHO on World Health Day. So what contributes to such a large mortality
rate owing to heart disease? Doctors and research point to the incidence
of abnormally high pressure in the arteries of the patients involved. While specific causes are unknown, here are
some of the risk factors, as compiled by The Times of India that can contribute to developing
high blood pressure. 1. Age. The older you are the greater are the chances
of being a victim of high blood pressure. Elderly people are especially at a higher
risk of developing elevated systolic readings. The risk is due to hardening of the arteries. 2. Hereditary. If there is a family history of high cholesterol,
then maybe it is a reason for you to start worrying. This inherited form of high blood pressure
may lead to health problems at an early age. 3. Gender. Men have greater chances of developing high
blood pressure than women but this doesn’t mean women don’t have to worry; they have
a high risk as well. So, mind your lifestyle and eating habits! 4. Extra weight. Extra weight or obesity can be one of the
leading causes of high blood pressure, but it varies from person to person. People who have fat storage around their belly,
hip and thighs are also at a risk of developing high blood pressure. Maintain your weight! 5. Salt sensitivity. Some people are sensitive against salt or
sodium intake, which makes their blood pressure to rise. If you’re sensitive to salt, then the only
option to stay safe is by reducing the intake. Be very cautious while using salt in your
food, and read labels before having any processed food. Fast foods have a great level of salt in them,
so use your discretion while having it. 6. Alcohol consumption. If you get intoxicated with just two drinks
then it is an indicator that you should stop drinking. Heavy alcohol consumption is bad for you and
your wellbeing. Hence, avoid heavy consumption of alcohol
to keep your blood pressure normal. 7. Stress life. You are extra tensed every day during your
office hours or due to other reasons, this can spike your blood pressure. Back off from your stressful situation, stay
calm and relax yourself. Job stress is one of the worst things for
your health. 8. Contraceptives. In a recent study, it was noted that regular
consumption of birth control pills or oral contraceptives have a higher risk of developing
high blood pressure. 9. Lazy life. Your lazy couch potato life will not only
expand your waist line, but it will also put you at high risk of developing high blood
pressure. Get off that couch and hit the gym or get
into any other form of physical activity that interests you. It could be your favourite sport or just walking
to work, if possible. Wondering how physical activity will lower
your risk of high blood pressure, then here is the answer: being active helps to open
up the blood vessel which helps keep the pressure in the veins and arteries in the normal range. 10. Constant popping of pills. Some medicines which are used to treat cold
or allergy symptoms can spike your blood pressure. Always consult your doctor before having any
medicine and inform him of your medical history to avoid complications.

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