Tina Brennan’s Heart Attack Survival Story

Tina Brennan’s Heart Attack Survival Story

a year ago November and I had just come
back from a trip with my daughter celebrating my youngest daughter’s 30th birthday. Tuesday
morning come to work got up everything’s fine
perfectly normal get to work and I had this like overwhelming feeling up like nausea
terrible sweating put my head down on my desk and
after a couple minutes it passed. And the whole entire time like this
must have been something I ate while I was on vacation not a big deal I’m fine
now an hour and a half later it was a little
more intense I could feel it coming on went into a workout room that’s not
really used very often lock the door you know my boss is in his
office I didn’t wanna lay my head down it was kinda embarrassing so it was more intense I had this this I’ll just I’ll aching pain in my neck still nausea more profuse sweating then again after a
couple minutes it went away. I actually was strange I had not
seen her pretty much the week before because we
were just so busy her trying to get out to go on this little trip and so I I just about I don’t know I’ll 12:30 I I thought to myself that you
know I haven’t heard from her I didn’t even make it over in the
morning to kind of say hey how was your trip or anything so I thought I better go over there and make
sure she came in. So I go back to my desk and about that time lunchtime my friend
Stephanie came over and I was explaining to her what happened She’s kind of telling me about these two
incidents she had had earlier in the morning then i’m looking
at her and she’s kinda discounting them are you know like and you know them to
send us it’s strange but I feel fine I feel fine she kept saying
I feel fine and I’m like well it doesn’t sound fine and I’m a little concerned. Have you
checked your blood pressure? She’s like no, no. you know it kinda passed I’m okay. And I’m like maybe we should try to
check your blood pressure I remember Steph being on the phone in
asking for Purvis and a blood pressure machine.
Purvis security guard that works at Simon but
he’s also a nurse it’s really that last thing I remember of being conscious. Hung the phone up and I turned
around and Tina was actually slumped over in the
chair and she was, she was sweating she wasn’t there. I can hear everything I can hear everybody’s conversations but I couldn’t
talk I couldn’t I wanted to number one let
people know I’m still here I’m still breathing. and then the next thing you know the
paramedics in there. They put her on the gurney and they she was again alert talking
laughing kind of you know like what what I don’t know
what happened. Same as before I kind of I i woke up and they put me on
the gurney take me out to the ambulance and this very
sweet paramedic they they hook you all up and she said the
good news is I don’t think you had a heart attack she said when all of a sudden you just you were all over
the place. So I just kinda stayed at work for a while just kinda
you know took it all in and and Kevin called me
and told me she had had a heart attack. I couldn’t talk but I could hear her saying
I have a 55-year-old female in cardiac arrest and I’m like your
immediate thought is this is not happening to me. And its weird things it’s like oh my
God my husband doesn’t know the codes to the computer I I don’t you know I didn’t finish this
at work and then I started thinking about my family and Adam and being so young he has two older
sisters and I knew that they would be fine but
it was sorry it was Adam I I just this I’m not ready There’s so many things I haven’t told
him. you know and then you pray. Recovery was interesting. My very first visitor
was my friend Stephanie the one that got me through and called 911 and you go through a terrible period of what if. what if I had gone in my car what if I
had gone to lay down instead of eating lunch what if I’d been alone. what would have happened so it’s difficult and you have to stop
that You just have to tell yourself but that
didn’t happen. then I’ve read a lot about the heart that things that I didn’t know
about. You become a little obsessed about it. Every
little twinge every little time where a normal
headache would just be a normal headache now you rethink it is it something else
but that feeling goes away after a while I was
anxious to get back to work so it with from that point on where I seriously became involved with the American Heart Association they’ve been wonderful. I’m on the
executive leadership team which is so special to me and all these women
are amazing. They do such a great job with raising money for
them Go Red For Women Luncheon. It’s been a pleasure

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