Tim Nash: Coronary heart disease reversal The Impact of Diet and Exercise

Tim Nash:  Coronary heart disease reversal The Impact of Diet and Exercise

Dr. Nick Delgado here about a podcast and a webinar that I believe can transform your life What is the number one killer in the United States and in the Western world? I’m here with Tim Nash who has a very moving story indeed a story that goes back to his own father Tim Nash Well, how you doing, Nick? Okay. Yes so My story goes that I was actually on Team USA with Nick Delgado and lit out lifting all comers at the Arnold Classic Thinking that I was doing everything Okay, even though my dad had passed away from a massive heart attack when he was at 57 years old I thought I was doing everything better I wasn’t eaten any of the fast food out there But I was still eating the standard American diet which by the way if you think about it, the acronym is sad Literally it is it’s s ad standard American diet and it’s sad and that’s what it is. So we’re out there eating everything regular 18 steaks was a big steak and potatoes type of guy and Lo and behold six months after we finished out lifting all comers at the Arnold Classic I started to feel like fluish symptoms Literally just thought it was the flu. I kept on working hard. I was working long hours and Just kept on shrugging it off for about three months and at about three months after that I finally said Okay And I went in and walked into the emergency room with my wife and and we said look this flu keeps coming back Can you give me something and they said no, but we got a room for you I said why they said well you had a heart attack You’re not having one now necessarily but the markers are there the enzymes are there So you’ve had one they said they didn’t know when it happened but that it was probably when I first started feeling the flu-like symptoms and That that’s the way it presents to me so luckily Nothing else happened I sat in there for about five days waiting for my time to get an angiogram done Because everybody else kept coming in with What they called stem ease and kept bumping me out of the spot as soon as I finally got my angiogram done They about fell out of their chair They said I was the worst that they’d seen all year and I needed a cool and quintuple bypass so instantly they set me up on the calendar for the next day and I got cracked and quintuple bypass and literally Tore open and then put in saphenous veins from the leg and trying to get some more blood flow Yeah, we did. They did a couple things they did mammary artery Redirections and they put those in for two of them. And then for the other three they did the Harvesting from the vein from the leg So you really had no symptoms. You were working out exercising more consistent than most most people. I mean literally lifting tens of thousands of pounds every week training lifting You you were active you basically You know felt like the doctors Didn’t ever imply there was a problem your blood lipids your cholesterol. What were those levels at that time? Well, my cholesterol wasn’t actually bad It was my total cholesterol was still within range and it was good range of the u.s accepted us accepted range of where most people died of a heart attack or stroke and but my biggest problem was my HDLs were very very low. Okay, do you happen to remember know what the LDL cholesterol was? I you know, I I’ll have to look that one up. I don’t have that off the top I’m alright LDL is just what we call the bad cholesterol and there’s some evidence from Stanford that Even a higher quote HDL level which is supposed to remove redundant Kostal from the arteries isn’t protective when the LDL exceeds 95 that seems to be about the cutoff now it’s interesting that you and I had talked about a plant-based Whole Foods diet more or less toward chicken free Red meat free fish free no dairy product But it wasn’t your way of eating your family had a way of preparing tasty meals that you enjoy Your father probably had a very similar diet as well But is it true that your father died at what age and was it of a heart attack? D7 of a massive heart attack and he died at the gym. He was well, it was kind of bad he was he just came back from vacation in lake tahoe and and Decided he needed to cram for his appointment to go see his cardiologist So he went right to the gym and was on the treadmill at 24 hour fitness and went down No one saw him go down. Oh my god so such a tragic situation and III know that there’s a little bit of a tradition I know that for example sumo wrestlers drink a lot of beer to Alter their hormone levels so that when they eat that one or two big meals a day They retain a lot of calories because they want to get real big real heavy 400 pounds of mutton and above for sumo wrestlers So for all those doing intermittent fasting and trying to skip meals and skip breakfast What you know in your mind made you think that it was safe or acceptable to eat a similar diet That your own father had and did the doctors ever tell you that your diet was in question well, actually I wasn’t eating the same diet that my dad was I mean I was bad doing better because I didn’t want to get Into this situation. Yes. Thought I wasn’t getting into the situation, right? but even after I mean the thing that’s so messed up is even after I had the quintuple bypass and I’m meeting with the Cardiologists they’re saying you know what the way you ate and everything else you did pretty good. You lasted 47 years So just tone it back just a little bit eat the same stuff and you’ll be fine and that was the advice I was given I actually cut out all red meat I was going to make it to where I was gonna have maybe once a quarter as a special thing and maybe just on my birthday or something along those lines, but I cut it out completely from that standpoint and Sure enough. It didn’t matter after my 50th birthday I went out and came back and ended up having to get a stent and by the way a common fallacy Is that by just quote-unquote giving up red meat you essentially are excluding The primary source of fat and cholesterol certainly red meats higher in fat than say chicken or fish But even tuna packed in water is higher in cholesterol than red meat Chicken has as much cholesterol as red meat. In fact most chickens are very fatty man We if you eat with the skin you kind of pull the skin off. There’s a lot of grease on your hands so most animals are force-fed, they want them to be fatty or they can sell them for a higher dollar amount and not only that it’s not just the Fat it’s the cholesterol that’s permeated throughout the tissue. You can’t even see it. It’s part of the flesh So when you consume it, even if you’re taking the fatty parts cutting it off the red meat or Pulling the skin off All the cholesterol is permeated in the animal product itself and the body we know can only get rid of about 100 milligrams of cholesterol day We are omnivores we can eat a little bit of meat which might be about 3 ounces Maybe a day or every other day And so I often tell people you know, what if I tell you to eat 3 ounces of lean meat a day You’re probably gonna cheat on that you may not even measure 3 ounces and then you might have it for lunch, you know some meat within your Sandwich and then meat for dinner and then maybe eggs for breakfast. Were you eating any aches at that time? Oh at the time when I yes, I actually was a big egg eater. I left my eggs Wow Wow so, no one ever told you that a yolks are amongst the highest source of cholesterol some people say oh but eggs have lecithin and It emulsifies what most of us look up the word emulsification. It just seemed simply means to disperse larger particles in a small apartment So what it absorbs better when you absorb the cholesterol fat, it goes right in the arteries and tissues They did a study classic study on tar mar Indians and they’re basically eating Corn tortillas beans Panola nuts a lot of fruit and vegetables They’re fairly poor and they live in the Copper Canyon Canyon of northern Mexico, Chihuahua, Mexico and they’re known to run non-stop for 180 miles, but they took these people have an average cholesterol of 130 and ideally, we believe your cholesterol should be 100 plus your age and not over 160 and they took these people with low HDL levels by The way they have a HDL of about 20-23 Minus 12, okay and their LDL is usually hovering around 60 or so their VLDL, which transports Triglycerides adds up to that total of 130 and it’s interesting they gave them eggs Here’s a culture that never eats eggs that rarely eats animal product and within one month that 300 milligrams of cholesterol One egg a day, which is typical to a breakfast where people think you know, oh, I need my protein Well that cholesterol went from 1:30 at skyrocket in every single person in the study Went up to well, I believe the study showed approaching. I’m gonna say above 180. Maybe it was towards 200 I’ll pull the study for actual numbers and reference and they put him on it and and the cholesterol stayed up as long as they ate the eggs and when they went off it the Cluster went right back down to 130 within days. They put him back on and went back up They took him off it came down but when you take the average American with the cholesterol already saturated in the tissues of over 200 which by the way you can have a cholesterol 200 be told you’re normal They gave them eggs same study But the cholesterol didn’t go up any higher why because the tissues the arteries the blood was already Saturated and adding that extra cholesterol above the 100 milligrams a day. It won’t have a bump up So many people purporting that cholesterol is not important It’s not part of cardiovascular disease will point to that studies say see when you give cholesterol to Americans They’re in the form of eggs. They don’t have a rise in cholesterol, which is I hope you understand what I just explained Yeah, no, you’re basically saying that because the standard American diet which is sad has already Supersaturated everybody with cholesterol, correct? It’s not actually able to absorb any more cholesterol and raise the the cholesterol levels of Americans that just means that we’re in bad shape

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