The Evidence That Salt Raises Blood Pressure

The Evidence That Salt Raises Blood Pressure

“The Evidence that Salt
Raises Blood Pressure” Like any group with
vested interests, the food industry
resists regulation. Faced with a growing
scientific consensus that salt increases
blood pressure, major food manufacturers have
adopted desperate measures to try to stop
governments from recommending
salt reduction. Rather than reformulate their
products and save lives, manufacturers have
lobbied governments, refused to cooperate, encouraged
misinformation campaigns, and tried to discredit
the evidence. After all, salt is
the main source of flavor in
processed foods. Of course they could
improve the flavor by adding real
ingredients, but like making a pop-tart
with actual strawberries would be more expensive
and cut into profits. The evidence that they’re
trying to discredit includes double-blind,
randomized trials dating back
decades. You take people with h
igh blood pressure, put them on a sodium-
restricted diet, and their blood
pressure drops. Then if you keep them
on the low salt diet and add a placebo,
nothing happens. But if you instead
give them salt in the form of a time-
release sodium pill, their blood pressure
goes back up. And the more sodium you
secretly give them, the higher their blood
pressure climbs. Even just a single
meal can do it. If you take people with
normal blood pressure and give them
a bowl of soup containing how much salt
a regular meal might contain, and your blood pressure goes
up over the next 3 hours compared to the same soup
with no added salt. Why though? High blood pressure appears
to be our body’s way to push the excess salt
out of our system. Dozens of such studies
have been done, showing that if we reduce
our salt intake we reduce our
blood pressure, and the greater the reduction
the greater the benefit. The so-called DASH diet,
which I’ve covered before, is commonly used to capture
the blood pressure benefits of more plant-based
populations, but how do we know the
benefits had anything to do with eating
less salt instead of just from eating
more fruits and vegetables, because it was
put to the test. Sure eating healthier
lowers blood pressure no matter how much
salt we eat, but even if we stick
to the same diet, lowering salt helps independently
of other dietary improvements. You can do this on
a community level. You take two
matched villages that both start out
about the same. In the control village,
on average, blood pressures went up
or stayed the same. But in the village where
they were able to cut down on salt intake, blood
pressures went down. Whereas if we don’t cut down,
chronic high salt intake can lead to a gradual increase in
blood pressure throughout life, as shown in the famous
Intersalt study. 52 centers from 32
countries participated with hundreds of
participants each and four of those centers
were in populations that ate so little salt
they actually complied with the American Heart Association
guidelines for salt reduction, something less than
1% of Americans achieve. In a population where everyone
makes the cut off, not only was not a single case
of high blood pressure was found, but the older folks
have the same blood pressure as the teenagers. This is why including such
populations is so important. If you just look at
the 48 centers in the industrialized
Western world, there does not appear to
be any relationship between rising blood
pressure with age and how much sodium people
are getting every day. Just looks like a random
assortment of dots. Now the salt industry
looks at this and says aha—see
I told you so, no relationship between salt
and increasing blood pressures as you get older. But maybe that’s because they’re
all getting too much salt. The American Heart Association
recommendation is that everyone get their
salt intake under here, so they were
all way over. You can imagine
a similar result if this was instead
lung cancer rates versus packs of cigarettes
smoked every year. Whether you smoked 150 packs
a year or 200 packs a year, it might not make much
of a difference. To see a relationship between
smoking and cancer, you’d have to compare smokers
to those who rarely light up. And indeed, if you add in t
hose low-salt populations that get little or no high blood
pressure as they get older, and you end up with a highly
statistically significant relationship between
increasing sodium and increasing
blood pressure, but only if you include people
that actually comply with the salt
guidelines. As with so many lifestyle
interventions, they only work if
you actually do it.


  1. I have hypertension (now completely under control thanks to diet) but have a "salt tooth". I would love to see Dr. Greger discuss the use of potassium salts as I use Nosalt to provide the salty taste I often miss.

  2. The good news is, for people who want to be healthy but love enjoying food- your taste buds adjust!! It only takes a week or 2, and something you previously thought was bland will taste very flavorful.

  3. Hello, I am wondering id Himalayan salt or sea salts are a better option? Also did you see Dr. Mercola's video on salt from 2011 which actually says salt is crucial to our health? I am confused here and I am trying to follow a low fat healthy whole food vegan diet. Thank you!!

  4. I have low blood pressure, and it is helpful to me that I can regulate it to a degree by monitoring my intake of sodium. I try to get around 1500mg of sodium a day, which is still considered low, but it's high enough to raise my blood pressure to a level that makes me functional, typically about 100/70. Periods when I'm eating no added salt to my whole foods diet my blood pressure can drop to 80/50, and during these times my intake of sodium from whole foods is usually around 500mg, which is too low for me.

  5. Japanese eat 3x-4x the salt of Americans and live 4 yrs longer on average. The type of salt is important because whereas MSG is a bad form, Himalayan salt with trace minerals is a beneficial form. Salt is a necessary nutrient and you'll die without it.

  6. My I have hypotension when avoiding salt. My BP goes from 95/65 down to 84/44. I cannot avoid salt! I add it to my water too including electrolyte fizz.

  7. there is 0 evidence of salt intake and blood pressure, this guy is a schlock, you need a balance of sodium, potassium, and magnesium, state your sources then if you are so convinced..

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  9. Very interesting! I wonder if the near absence of oil is also a contributing factor?
    That rice diet wasn't very oily, right? And the Yanonamo people – I got the impression that theirs was also a low fat diet. I support the salt theory, I just wonder about the role of oil.

  10. Can you do a video on the harm of salt restricted diet? you need salt? can you do a video on how low salt increases insulin resistance?

  11. Once again just a little bit of crap here. Real salt like Himalayan Pink or Celtic sea salt are very healthy for you. It’s the white table salt or White Sea salt that are heavily processed with high heat drying like 1200 degrees plus man made chemicals added makes this stuff horrible and raise your blood pressure. So don’t eat the white stuff. Think pink.

  12. FYI the Japanese eat on average 12-14 grams of sodium per day that’s double the average American and have less then half the heart disease or high blood pressures then Americans 🤔 that’s what I call a CLUE!

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  15. What exactly is Hybetez Remedy? How does this thing really work? I see many people keep on speaking about this high blood pressure secret remedy.

  16. What do you think of treat your high blood pressure issue naturally using Hybetez Remedy? I notice lots of people keep on talking about Hybetez Remedy.

  17. Every study you referenced was about sodium intake in people with preexisting hypertension. We know salt aggravates hypertension. You are intentionally staging this as "salt = high blood pressure" but the referenced studies do not back up that claim. I don't want to pay another tax on some subjective thing I do. My diet is not the responsibility or business of the government. I don't want to pay another tax because some food causes people who already avoid salty food to have higher blood pressure.

  18. Meaningless epidemiology used here. The cross country study chart proves only that those who have a low salt diet probably also have a low sugar diet because among the high salt intake countries there is ZERO relationship. Even this meaningless epidemiology does not support the hypothesis. I think you are a poorly trained scientist with little understanding of the weaknesses of most epidemiology.

  19. Do anybody know about Hybetez Remedy? Does it really work? I hear many individuals cleanse their high blood pressure issue inherently with this high blood pressure secret remedy.

  20. If you search for "salt and high blood pressure" – it's unbelievable how many videos you get repeating industry misinformation… The government lied and salt doesn't raise blood pressure!
    Mmk. 🌱👍

  21. strange….people always say I use to much salt….and my blood pressure has been 125/70 to 130/80! And I am old! bullshit mr nutrionfacts…..But I know that people with high blood pressure get problems if they use to much salt.

  22. Hi, I normally have low blood pressure and I often feel very light headed during the day. I'm not sure if I consume enough salt daily. But everytime I do eat a soup of something with high salt, even if it can help with the dizziness, I just have apparent water retention symptoms and I face becomes very bloated. Is there a way I can have a normal blood pressure while avoiding the abnormal water retention sings? Thanks.

  23. I used to have low blood pressure during high school so bad to where I was nauseous and felt sick that I couldn't do my school work. Once I ate saltine crackers and drunk water I felt better so yes salt can spike your blood pressure.

  24. I add stevia to rice n pastas n less salt. Try not to add more than 1/4 teaspoon WHEN I use it, then I break from it. Taste buds change if you stick with it. Takes a couple skips n mistakes but….works

  25. People seem to get different results, judging from the comments. When I cut back on sodium, my blood pressure improved, in fact it went from 145/80 to 118/65 and as an added bonus my hands feel swollen and achey less often so I'll probably stay with low sodium around 1500 mg daily

  26. I'm sorry I don't care what video you posted. This is not true it's proven over and over salt stable blood pressure cholesterol but doctor's don't get this education. Also the reading of blood pressure and cholesterol is untrue what's dangerous hence why many are on medication. This may sound educational to many but your so wrong maybe you need retraining on natural resources . Lie lie lie lie lie

  27. But whats the least amount of sodium that i need?

    Im only eating vegetables, so my daily sodium intake is less than 200mgs and i have been feeling dizziness and lightheadedness.

    Ive see in others YouTube videos that too little sodium is also dangerous, so what is the truth?

  28. What would be your reaction to this research that a low salt diet does not affect heart failure?

  29. Wait wait wait: On the 8th of the same month that you posted this, “Today I found out” posted this video saying the opposite (that there’s no scientific evidence that salt raises blood pressure): (that there are no scientific studies that say salt increases blood pressure)

    Both content producers present their data and statements as scientific fact. What is the disparity??

  30. I have experienced hypertension & taking medicines ever since I was 26 yrs . old. Of all solution I have personally tried using, “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) certainly is the one that has shown to work on my blood pressure levels. The prescription drugs prescribed to me to have were not of used anymore after having a calendar month of loyally following this guidebook. .

  31. Some doctors say Salt is good and back it up with some theory and some say Salt is bad and also back it up with some other theory…….. It's hard to know who to believe. :

  32. OK folks, this is my experience. For the last 18 months I had just been feeling wiered. Like I had too much energy, I could not sleep very well. I took up 20 mins of exercise a day (usually at night) to help me sleep, which worked. I thought I was allergic to hair-dye, then gluten, then this then that, then thought it was my Adrenal glands, and im annoyed about this because I explained to my doctor how I felt he just went along with me testing my pee for my Adrenal glands. FFS. I was diagnosed with Divitiulotis in April this year, had the colonoscopy, even a scan, yep got Div. Now Ive been VEGETARIAN since I was 19. Im 51 this year. I have drank too much alcohol over the years I admit. In recent years been settled in a relationship and eat very balanced (maybe) diet. I love my veggies, my garlic, my turmeric, my salad sandwiches, I have liked salt though, but it is EVIL..well okI know we need a tiny amount. The other week I got ill with some chest infection (non smoker to of 15yrs). Got bad throat, bad chest, headache and my BLOOD PRESSURE went skyrocket. I started taking some BP tablets 5 weeks ago to help, they did a bit but still I felt like I needed to exercise b4 bed, if I woke I would be awake and sometimes for hours. It was a nightmare. So my BP went up with being ill, and we are talking 200/90..I felt like I was going to die. A different doctor looked at me as if I was going to die before her eyes, she mentioned salt again. That night whilst ill, I had my evening meal, plain rice, fried courgette and carrot (fried in olive oil) and ate that for two nights.

    BP came down, I started to feel much better. My life is changed. Tonight Ive had mash potato with a tiny amount of cholesterol friendly margarine added to mash, sprouts (no added salt) and plain boiled lentils-no salt/no sauce.
    Ive gone through my food cupboards and there is salt in just about every damn thing I have, even with being hummus? salt…my bread? salt…my cheese sauce? salt. even my tin sprouts have added salt. I know it is added as a "preservative" but for f** sake.

    I am begging everyone to review their diets. be critical of THE BLOOD PRESSURE TABLETS AND THEIR MANUFACTURERS. This is so dangerous what they are selling us. They are selling us poison, the salt is added to POOR food for POOR get people hooked on BP tablets etc. In the last few days I have reviewed all my food intake.I have reviewed all the foods I will buy from now on. FRESH VEGETABLES (and freeze them) I've looked at low salt this and low salt products but for f** it Im just going to MAKE MY OWN WITHOUT SALT. How dare they try and sell me a jar of pasta sauce that's low in salt for FOUR TIMES MORE.

    As you might imagine I am starting to wage my own personal war here. and I might come across at crazy bat shit, but I just want us to wake up, to be healthy. Not to be pawns in a bigger game of nonsense. please please please look after yourselves you lovely people.

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