Improve Kidney Function and Lower Creatinine – Uncensored Guide for Renal Patients

Hello this is Katherine, welcome to 00kidney. Today’s video is all about the untold truth on improving renal function in kidney disease patients. In this uncensored guide to lower creatinine naturally I will focus on all those treatments that really work and that people are actually using to improve their renal function. Home remedies, herbal supplements… some of them work […]

Running Daily For 30 Minutes Will Do This To Your Body

hey there viewers recently there have been a lot of fitness fads and workouts which claimed to be beneficial for you but there’s one perfect workout which has stood the test of time and ensured your overall well-being the workout that we’re talking about is running the recommended aerobic activity per week for adults is at least 150 minutes of […]

AOA Heart Attack Compilation Mix

I’ve completely fallen for you Your soft voice I’ve fallen for it I’m trembling (AOA Let’s Go!) I think I’m crazy, why am I like this My heart is like a 18 year old girl’s it keeps pounding I can’t hide it, I’m like this every day When our eyes meet, my ears turn red You don’t understand? It’s because […]

Man Dies at Heart Attack Grill

we have another fatality at the heart attack grill and this is involving the unofficial spokesperson for the heart attack perot actually he was known is that i a unofficial mascot his name was john alamance and uh… apparently at the age of fifty four he died from a heart attack that locates the force you don’t allow mister tragic […]