“Daddy, I don’t feel so good.” “Isabel, are you okay?” “Are you okay, Isabel?” So, as we’re going through this scenario of fainting, we’ve got a guest, and he says, “Would you really call 911 if a child just fainted?” And the answer to that is, “Yes, absolutely.” Why did they faint? No idea. Maybe it was heat, maybe it […]

Chronic Lyme disease eradicated

[Music] I was bitten by ticks in Australia in 1998. And I had a really bad health crash in 2012 to the point where I was pretty much bedridden. My adrenal glands were severely affected. My digestive system, my endocrine system, my nervous system, Lyme attacks pretty much every single system of the entire body. And because I’d had it […]

Chronic Illness At University: My Story [CC]

Going to uni with chronic illnesses is hard! [Upbeat intro music] Today’s video is about going to university with chronic illnesses. Specifically in this case, cold urticaria, and Fibromyalgia, with touching on depression and anxiety as well, cos why not? I’m just gonna go straight into it because it’s gonna be a long one. So when I was applying to […]