Angry Hippo Crushes Antelope

COMM: Game ranger Pieter Van Wyk has been tracking a pack of African wild dogs and they’ve cornered a female bushbuck. COMM: As more dogs arrive, things are not looking good for the antelope. Man: Mother, if you start crying… COMM: Initially rescued by the hippo’s unlikely intervention, now the antelope is stuck in the mud and the dogs return. […]

We Share Our Home With 14 Bears | BEAST BUDDIES

MONICA WELDE: Do I prefer bears to humans? Are you playing with your tongue? MONICA WELDE: Well, actually, sometimes I do. MONICA WELDE: My name is Monica Welde. I’m president, owner and senior trainer here at Beardise Ranch. MONICA WELDE: My bears are part of my family. MONICA WELDE: Right now, we have 14 bears. Over the course of 91 […]