Heart Anatomy: Cardiac Blood Flow Atrium, Ventricle, Systemic, pulmonary valves

HelpHippo: Better than learning from Wikipedia This is a heart. Atrium. Ventricles. Big “V” on the bottom for ventricles. The heart has 4 valves, remembered by “My Try Pulls All” Mitral Tricuspid, Pulmonary Aortic. The atrium is the “entry” in for blood. So let’s follow the cardiac blood flow on the left and right sides of the heart. Oxygenated blood […]

The Most Painful Illness Known to Man

We here at The Infographics Show routinely cover the most pressing scientific questions of our age, such as what would happen if everyone on Earth screamed at the same time, or what if everyone went blind for 10 seconds? Occasionally we like to get silly and talk about Link’s love life in the Legend of Zelda or taunt our favorite […]