Surviving Heart Attack – Cecil’s Story

I had an appointment on the 15th of May. My wife and daughter dropped me off. I got my scooter out of the trunk of the car. I went inside the hospital but between the coffee shop and the elevators on the first floor, I had a heart attack. Cecil had a massive heart attack at the VA on that […]

Signs of a Heart Attack – The Nebraska Medical Center

It’s the chest discomfort that has an unusual, uncomfortable characteristic, it is generally fairly severe. It comes on in a crescendo manner it may radiate to the jaw, teeth and to the shoulder but generally people can’t put their finger right on it. It is more of a widespread discomfort. It is often accompanied by shortness of breath, sweating and […]

Heart Attack Due to Atherosclerosis

atherosclerosis is a life-threatening disease that may have begun to develop during childhood this condition is a process in which deposits of fatty material, call plaque, build up inside the walls of arteries reducing, or completely blocking, blood flow. although the exact causes of atherosclerosis are not clear many scientists think it begins with damage to the inner wall of […]