Christina Herrera, Type 2: Heart-to-Heart

– Please give a very warm welcome to Christina Herrera. (audience applause) – How many of us have hoped to fly right under the radar? Whether it was at work, someone staring at you at the bar, or the cop because you just ran a red light. Me, yeah. That nervous feeling, looking back, hoping he doesn’t move from his […]

Treating a Heart Attack

>How are heart attacks treated once they get to the ER?>Okay, like I mentioned before are saying is “time is muscle” — time is muscle — time is muscle. So we have a goal of of door-to-balloon time and that means from the patient walking through the door to having their artery open of less than 60 minutes and we […]

How has your diagnosis affected your sex life?

They’ll be times where we’re really getting into it, and you feel fantastic and then all of a sudden you’re going to vomit. It does put a downer on it not just for me but obviously, it will be for him and as much as he’s “it doesn’t bother me”, he’s holding my hair back and he’s quite happy. It’s […]

Lowering Blood Pressure and Stress Naturally

For the last 30 years my colleagues and I have been sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and large private foundations in order to evaluate natural methods to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and prevent heart disease. This work has been published in major medical journals in the United States and around the world. And today I’d like to […]

Yoga for High Blood pressure/ hypertension | उच्च रक्तचाप के लिए योग व् घरेलु उपाय

Namastey I am Acharya Pratishtha High Blood pressure is a common problem today Fb : @acharyapratishthaji There are several reasons of High BP including stress and anxiety and sometimes its genetic as well Twitter : @Apratishtha Watsapp : +91-9599945954 Watsapp : +91-9599945954 Two practices must be done regularly Twitter : @Apratishtha Fb : @acharyapratishthaji Learn these practices and practice regularly […]