Blood transfusion – patient information

My name is Jeannie Callum and I’m a transfusion medicine physician at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and University Health Network. You’ve been asked to view this video today because your physician is recommending transfusion as part of your treatment plan. This video will cover the process of having a transfusion, the benefits of transfusion, the risks of transfusion and the […]

Breathing meditation | Live well with blood cancer

We’re going to do a mindfulness exercise where we’re paying attention to the breath. So when we practise mindfulness of our breathing, we’re not trying to change the way we breathe. All we’re trying to do is notice it, pay attention, and that can help us become much more present, much more connected with our body, with our emotions. Much […]

Heart Attack Pt.3 / Lifestyle Measures / Dr. Vipin Gupta

In last two episodes, we tried to understand, what and why of heart attack, and why are there questions on its medical treatments. Today we will share 5 such lifestyle principles, which will make your heart happy, clean, strong and I would say become bigger. You will get a good prevention from Heart Attack, and cardiac blockades will disappear. But […]