[TRICKS] How to Memorize Hypertension Drug Suffix

Okay, my name is Claire and I’m the founder of StudentRDH and SmarterDA. Today I want to talk about five drugs, okay, five drugs that are going to be probably in your examination. You know every patient is taking something in our examination and hypertension is a very common medical condition in North America. Sorry, I’m bending at the same […]

I’m bald, Hi.

*awkward silence mixed with bad audio quality* how does one start videos? *awkward laugh* so today we’re getting rid of this *points to mop on head* so um should probably explain why uhh the worlds greatest shave that’s one of the reasons the other reason is that this is a terrible haircut and finally i just want to *stuff i […]

Baba Ramdev | yoga for Anxiety | Depression & Hypertension | Lack of confidence ||

concentrating completely at aagya chakra i.e centre of your forhead now we will practise Bhramri pranayam pranayam itself concetrates the mind and soul to brahma aagya chakra is the meeting point of three main nerves of nervous syetem i.e Eidda,Pingla and susumna, Concentrating at aagya chakra it self will heal and refresh our mind and body concentrating completely at aagya […]

Sarah Cannon Blood Cancer Network – Stem Cell Transplants

(upbeat music) – Stem cell transplants are so important because they can cure a lot of hematologic malignancies and as our population’s getting older, we’re starting to see a lot more of those types of cancers. The Sarah Cannon network offers us an ability to improve on this technology because it brings together so many different transplant centers working together […]

Heart attack (myocardial infarction) interventions and treatment | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

– In addition to treatment with medications after a heart attack, as part of your overall treatment, you might also have some procedures done. And these range from smaller interventional procedures to big open heart surgeries. Generally these are reserved for patients with STEMIs, ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarcts The more serious type of Infarct. But they can be done for patients […]

?Cara mengatasi hipertensi tanpa obat

How are you, healthy friend? I hope everything is healthy without lacking anything. In this video I will share tips on how to overcome when blood pressure is high or rising. How to? Listen to the end! Friend, before we begin to the therapy first I will give an understanding that all this time there was an understanding somewhat mistaken, […]