Jackson, “I’m so heart attack!”

[subbed by] Hyoseob (Paul) was my vitamin when I was having a hard time. Ah~ what a simkung (‘heart attack’) Both are happy til death(so happy) as soon as they meet Is your body okay? I’m fine. I’m fine. [Jackson had an accident before coming to Japan] Hyung (Jackson is older) do not want you to be worried so i […]

Complex Congenital Heart Disease: Double Switch Surgery

Bennett was born, uh August 28th, 2013, everything seemed really normal. At his two month checkup, the pediatrician found a heart murmur, and, she told us it wasn’t a big deal, maybe get it check out , she recommended Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Little did we know that pretty much our whole world changed when we got up here. Bennett has […]

“Heart-Lung Interactions in Children with Heart Disease” by Dr. Lara Shekerdemian for OPENPediatrics

Welcome to World Shared Practice Forum. I’m Dr. Jeff Burns, Chief of Critical Care at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. We’re very pleased to have with us today, Dr. Lara Shekerdemian. Dr. Shekerdemian is the Chief of Critical Care at the Texas Children’s Hospital, and she is Professor of Pediatrics at the Baylor College of Medicine. Lara, welcome. […]

CPC COH2018 | Case 2 | Masked hypertension contributing to severe hypertensive HD

– A 73-year-old lady, a retired pediatrician, who had been followed up with, as Christian mentioned, and our client for a number of years, after being labeled with what we say, labeled essential hypertension in 1994. In terms of other aspects of her background, also high cholesterol, hypothyroidism, obesity and asthma. Her antihypertensive regimen had included a combination of dihydropyridine, […]

After Heart Attack, Turning Scar Tissue Into Heart Cells

bjbjLULU GWEN IFILL: Next, a development that could be good news for millions of heart attack victims. Scientists announced they have managed to convert damaged tissue into functioning heart muscle. The research appeared today in the science journal Nature. NewsHour correspondent Spencer Michels has our story, produced in collaboration with KQED San Francisco’s QUEST program. And a note: Some of […]

“Clinical Presentation of Congenital Heart Disease: Cyanosis” by Michael Freed, MD

Clinical Presentation of Congenital Heart Disease in the First Week of Life: Cyanosis, by Dr. Michael Freed. My name is Michael Freed, and I’m a Pediatric Cardiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and at Harvard Medical School. I want to spend a little time today talking about congenital heart disease in the newborn period. Introduction. Children come in in the first […]

Inhaling a heart attack: How air pollution can cause heart disease

(quirky music) – [Narrator] One in three Americans suffer from hypertension, a significant health problem that can lead to cardiovascular disease, heart failure, stroke, diabetes and other life-threatening problems. Researchers at the University of Michigan Health System have determined that the very air we breathe can be an invisible catalyst to cardiovascular disease. – What we are investigating is the […]