Lowering Blood Pressure and Stress Naturally

For the last 30 years my colleagues and I have been sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and large private foundations in order to evaluate natural methods to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and prevent heart disease. This work has been published in major medical journals in the United States and around the world. And today I’d like to […]

Chris Tucker Co-Hosts 2014 Delete Blood Cancer Gala

Delete Blood Cancer helps to raise awareness and find donors for people who need blood marrow transplants. All you have to do is do a swab and in fact that swab could save someone’s life. This year I think there was something like 41… 42,000 people have been overall saved. You know me being a celebrity I think it’s good […]

What is leukemia? – Danilo Allegra and Dania Puggioni

Despite advances in medicine, cancer remains one of the most frightening diagnoses patients can receive. What makes it so difficult to cure is that it’s not one illness, but a family of over 100 diseases occurring in different types of cells. And one type of cancer has the unfortunate distinction of afflicting children more than any other type. This is […]

Heart Disease – Science Rap Academy

I’m gonna tell you about the heart’s… the heart’s structure and function Your cardio system is a series of tubes Blood circulates in a figure 8 loop Valves, veins, and arteries, and one big pump Right ventricle sends blood to the pulmonary trunk It’s deoxygenated so it’s headed to the lungs Gets oxygen then it’s to the left like Beyonce […]

Weight loss and regain in relation to diabetes and cardiovascular disease mortality: Cuba 1980-2010

Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes are currently two of the most important diseases worldwide But population science has given us the tools to combat these epidemics – with control of the major risk factors for both diseases – Unhealthy Diet, Physical Inactivity, and its Overweight/Obesity – we can greatly reduce the disease burden. Therefore it is critical that we put into […]

Why SALT Does NOT Cause High Blood Pressure

Hey, hey, everybody. What is up? Shaun Hadsall here, stubborn fat expert for people over 40. I’m down here in sunny Naples, Florida. And what I want to share with you today is 1 of the biggest lies in the weight loss, nutrition, and medical industry, and that is that high fat foods with lots of salt cause high blood […]

Meet Dr. Jeffrey V. Matous | Colorado Blood Cancer Institute

(upbeat music) – CBCI, as we call it, was formed in 2010 with our hospital partners here at Presbyterian Saint Luke’s Medical Center, in order to bring to the Rocky Mountain region world-class, cutting-edge expertise across the field of blood cancers. It’s our goal here at CBCI to have available for patients who have blood cancer such as leukemia, lymphoma, […]

Blood Testing Facts : White Blood Cells in Cancer Treatment

One of the major projects and one of the major focuses of the laboratory has been to actually treat patients with the cancer therapy. As I mentioned before, the white blood cells are supposed to recognize the malignant cells because they are “foreign”. They should be recognizing them, sequestering them and destroying them. Obviously, when a tumor arises, the system […]