TotalBiscuit talks about living with stage-4 cancer

Ethan: So the last thing I want to touch on is obviously You’ve had a very public battle with cancer Total Biscuit: Sure. Yeah. Ethan: It’s been going on for how long, I mean how long have you been living with cancer now? TotalBiscut: Now I’m over three years. Three, four years now. Ethan: I think honestly you’ve handled it […]

What Causes Sickle Cell…and How Are We Treating It?

Sickle cell disease is a group of inherited blood disorders. In fact, it’s the most commonly inherited blood disorder in the world affecting millions of people worldwide. Once upon a time Sickle Cell was almost impossible to live with but today, we know a lot more about it and it turns out, something as simple as H2O can help keep […]

Heart Disease the Silent Killer

The heart is the center of the body’s cardiovascular system. Throughout the body’s blood vessels, the heart pumps blood to all of the body’s cells. The blood carries oxygen, which the cells need. Heart disease is a group of medical problems that occur when the heart and blood vessels aren’t working the way they should. No one is immune to […]

The Modern Epidemic of Loneliness: Using Wisdom as Behavioral Vaccine with Dilip Jeste

(electronic jingle) – [Narrator] The Sam and Rose Stein Institute for Research on Aging is committed to advancing lifelong health and wellbeing through research, professional training, patient care, and community service. As a non-profit organization at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, our research and educational outreach activities are made possible by the generosity of private donors. […]

Garlic to prevent your heart disease ??

Hey Dr. Joe Feuerstein with the MD minute. Thanks for tuning in. Today I want to talk about a study that was just published in the Journal of Nutrition looking at garlic extract and coronary artery disease. Now I in my fellowship was trained to believe that garlic, actually in long-term clinical studies, did not seem to reduce cholesterol. So […]

Chicago Tonight: CPR and Heart Disease

(triumphant music) – And now to Brandis Friedman in an alarming trend in heart health. Brandis. – In Paris there’s sobering health news out. The total number of heart disease deaths are on the rise. And according to the study in “The Journal of The American Medical Association”, the statistics are ever worse for Black Americans. Here to talk about […]