Cardiovascular Inflammation: Why Not Just Do a CRP Test?

If you’ve just seen 1% of the videos on this channel, you know what we’re talking about here. With the “secret killer,” cardiovascular inflammation, it’s the… it’s the big deal. We’ve also talked about how the standards committees in medicine are still struggling on how to make that happen. But we’ve also talked about, you know, is there a way […]

Women and Cardiovascular Disease

– Good afternoon. I’m Rhian Touyz, and I’m delighted to interview today with Dr. Gulati, who’s just informed us of the most up-to-date information regarding the role of women, should we say, in cardiovascular disease. So, Dr. Gulati, welcome to the council on hypertension, and perhaps you could tell us a little bit about yourself and the research in which […]

Leg pain can mean heart danger

– [Narrator] David Dow thought he was just having back problems, and that his legs were hurting as a result. But as it turns out, that pain may have saved his life. – I started working out with a personal trainer to try and work up the back issue and get my legs back in order, and kind of over […]

Part II 2015 Excellence in Hypertension Research Award Winner Pedro Jose

– I think it’s really remarkable that one man should have got so far into this very, very complicated system with five receptors local production and as you just reminded us overall a tremendously important role in hypertension governing, the re-absorption of almost half the filtered sodium. So you started answering the question that your interested in the response to […]

Fighting cancer: Animal research at Cambridge

Animal research plays a vital role in furthering our understanding of how our bodies work and what causes diseases. Here at one of the University of Cambridge is animal facilities they’re around 5,000 mice. These mice are helping our researchers in the fight against cancer, a disease that will affect half of us at some point in our lives. I’m […]

Important Precautions to Follow After Stenting Procedure | Dr. Hemant Madan

Now-a-days coronary angioplasty and stenting procedure,is considered a very common procedure in heart blockages. In many smaller cities of India angioplasty and stenting procedure has penetrated. Now it is not required for many patients to come in big cities, for angioplasty and stenting. It is important for us to understand that angioplasty itself is not an end point. After angioplasty […]