Garlic to prevent your heart disease ??

Hey Dr. Joe Feuerstein with the MD minute. Thanks for tuning in. Today I want to talk about a study that was just published in the Journal of Nutrition looking at garlic extract and coronary artery disease. Now I in my fellowship was trained to believe that garlic, actually in long-term clinical studies, did not seem to reduce cholesterol. So […]

Chicago Tonight: CPR and Heart Disease

(triumphant music) – And now to Brandis Friedman in an alarming trend in heart health. Brandis. – In Paris there’s sobering health news out. The total number of heart disease deaths are on the rise. And according to the study in “The Journal of The American Medical Association”, the statistics are ever worse for Black Americans. Here to talk about […]

Lung Cancer Symptoms: What To Look For

>>>DR. DAVID S. HANSON: David S. Hanson, MD, FACP: Let us talk for a minute about the signs and symptoms of lung cancer. Lung cancer is a very common illness and it is oftentimes seen in people who abuse cigarettes or other forms of tobacco. So when a person has a new cough, blood in their sputum, unexplained weight loss, […]

Dr. Tom Talks #5: What is a Heart Attack?

Welcome to “Dr. Tom Talks”, powered by BioDigital. Today: What is a heart attack, in 60 seconds or less? A heart attack is simply where the heart muscle or myocardium dies. Why does that happen? Here’s one of the coronary arteries; it’s next to the blue coronary vein and it gets blocked and that area of the heart actually dies. […]