Determinants of Cardiac Output – Part 2 of 3

So we know that one factor that determines pressure in the system, and thus determines flow, is fluid volume. The pressure in any hydraulic system is a product of volume and system compliance. So let’s look at the compliance of this system. Compliance of the beds can be decreased by contracting the muscles around the beds, thereby decreasing distensibility. If […]

Making Vision Stick | PART 5: Celebrate It Systematically

MAKING VISION STICK Session #5 Celebrate it systematically Leaders need to celebrate the vision systematically. We need to pause from time to time to celebrate wins. We need to acknowledge what’s been accomplished and we need to acknowledge those who have contributed to our progress. I’m convinced that celebrating wins accomplish more to clarify the vision than anything else. The […]

Drawing Blood and Saved by the Law Student

(upbeat music) Hi, good morning. Good morning, you have two parking tickets. One is an expired meter on Pearl Street. Anything you wanna tell me about that? At the moment I was pregnant and I was getting blood drawn. Oh, at that moment you mean? Yeah. Not this moment? Yeah I was pregnant. The parking ticket I already had my […]

Blood Donor Week 2019: Anna’s story

My name’s Anna Weir, I’m 33 and I live in Aberdeen. I’m an artist, and I live here with my husband Dougie and my two children, Seb and Liùsaidh. I needed a blood transfusion in 2016 with the birth of Seb. He was born… he was back-to-back, which they didn’t know when I was in labour, and it wasn’t until […]