Resident Evil 7 song (All infected by a B.O.W)

In Dulvey, a town in Louisiana. Lives a very special kind of family. They went missing, it soon became a cold case. And now I’m trapped inside this monstrous horror place. Watch your back, for the father called Jack! No, I don’t want to eat, angry mother Marguerite! Oh and Lucas, he’s the son. Toys with victims cause it’s fun! […]

Surviving Heart Attack – Cecil’s Story

I had an appointment on the 15th of May. My wife and daughter dropped me off. I got my scooter out of the trunk of the car. I went inside the hospital but between the coffee shop and the elevators on the first floor, I had a heart attack. Cecil had a massive heart attack at the VA on that […]

Finding a Cancer Killer | Breakthrough

NARRATOR: Working out of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. June has been developing a new technology to leverage the immune system’s T-cells to fight and kill leukemia in mice. [squeaking] CARL JUNE: Yeah. I have been through a long journey. So I was a physician. And then gradually, I came to the conclusion that I could probably help more people […]