How Carcinoid Syndrome Affects Carcinoid Heart Disease with Jerome S. Zacks, MD

Yeah, actually, perhaps about half of, between 50 and 70% of patients who have the carcinoid syndrome will develop carcinoid heart disease. But not just, not just patients that have a carcinoid tumor? So, uh, patients with neuroendocrine tumors, about 20% of them will develop carcinoid heart disease. In other words, you first have to have a carcinoid syndrome. That […]

How Serotonin and Other Hormones Affect Carcinoid Heart Disease with Jerome S. Zacks, MD

Yeah. So this has been looked at and the nutritionists have recommended diets which are low in these vasoactive amines. However, there does not appear to be an effective nutritional approach to getting a high serotonin down to a normal level. Maybe a little bit of change, but probably not that significant… Yeah, a mild amount of change, but probably […]

What is Carcinoid Heart Disease? With Jerome S. Zacks, MD

So carcinoid heart disease is actually a result of the carcinoid syndrome. In 95% of patients with carcinoid heart disease, they don’t really have tumor in the heart. This is the effects of substances released by carcinoid tumors that affect the heart. So most commonly we will see patients who have a neuroendocrine primary tumor. Often because of a delay […]