Home remedy for Mental illness & Stress Problems II तनाव समस्या और मानसिक बीमारियो का घरेलू उपचार I

Welcome to health care at home Today will talk about some mental illness which is quite normal, like getting too much angry being stressed or the children are not able to concentrate on their studies or some of the people have sleeplessness like they have wakefulness or some people are too much sleepy we will talk about all these mental […]

Syncope diagnosis USMLE review before the exam …

let’s have a quick review on syncope so in order for you to reach the etiology of syncope you would need to follow the following steps starting with the syncope onset so if the onset is gradual that means the reason for syncope is metabolic for example anemia hypoxia hypoglycemia if the onset is sudden that means you would need […]

Congestive heart failure: Part 1

Treatment of congestive heart failure(CHF) has two main directions. One direction is aimed to improve hemodynamic status, therefore, to alleviate symptoms of CHF. The other direction is the neurohormonal modulation to improve the prognosis. In the hemodynamic aspect, heart as a pump, two abnormalities occur in CHF, that is, congestion and low cardiac output(CO) Targets for the neurohormonal modulation are […]

Vegetables To Cure Heart Disease II सब्ज़ियों से ह्रदय रोग का बचाव II

Welcome to health care at home Today I will tell you some vegetables, with which using them you can prevent yourself from heart disease. And under this category the most important vegetable is That is Garlic which is called Lehsun Lehsun (Garlic) thins the blood Regulates cholesterol Reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol Along with this , improves the […]

Coronary Artery Disease / Robert Levitt, MD, FACC

– Coronary artery disease is a degenerative disease of the arteries of the heart where blockages develop. People will get symptoms of chest pain or shortness of breath or difficulty doing activities. It can be related to these blockages. In the past, we tried medicine for it. Over the years, there’s been an evolution of balloons and stents to fix […]

Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke with Carrot II गाजर से दिल और दिल के दौरे का रक्षण II

Welcome to health care at home In our previous episode we were talking about qualities of carrots Let us take that topic further and i will tell one of the important quality of carrot That qualities is , if you eat carrot then can prevent from heart attach How? it is know by the latest research that people who eat […]

For First Time, Heart Attack Info Is Female-Focused

CLARK POWELL: By checking her pulse rate and blood pressure every day, Carmela Powers can spot even the most subtle signs of heart problems. But for years, she unknowingly ignored them. Carmela would get pain in her jaw and had no idea it was a symptom of serious heart trouble. CARMELA POWERS: Down in here, this is where it would […]