Oil Free Vegan Diet, Exercise, & Stress Management to Reverse Heart Disease, Diabetes & Hypertension

[0:00:00] Nick: It’s interesting you talking about collecting data because that’s the measure point. I remember reading a small study that showed Dr. James Anderson had put people on a high fiber, essentially whole foods diet. And within ten days he showed that their cholesterol triglycerides had dropped 20% to 30%. It’s good or better than some of the drug […]

Lower Blood Pressure With Amino Acids

How Amino Acids Help Lower Blood Pressure Researchers evaluated the effect of 7 amino acids on nearly 2,000 healthy women. The women who ate the most amino acids had the lowest blood pressure and arterial stiffness. Another trial gave young adults with elevated blood pressure 28 grams of a whey beverage daily for six weeks… …their blood pressure dipped way […]

What Happens During a Heart Attack?

Can you tell us exactly what a heart attack is, and what happens during this cardiac event? And how it’s different for people?>Yeah, so for most people a heart attack or certainly the the most deadly type of a heart attack comes when a an area in the heart artery that has already developed plaque or cholesterol gets inflamed and […]

Heart Attack Care – Mark’s Story

[music]>>MARK: I’ve been lobstering for 46 years. I started out with my dad. And I’ve been going ever since. So, that’s a keeper. I like to bring my traps in for the winter because of the weather. I was over at the beach doing some shoveling, the whole bit. There was a friend of mine right there with me. I […]

What should I do if I’m having a heart attack?

– It is very important to call 911 and ask for help immediately when you think you are having symptoms of heart attack. The reason is when you’re having a heart attack, time is muscle, time is your heart muscle. If you really are having a heart attack, then the artery is clogged, your heart muscle is not receiving enough […]

Heart Attack Due to Atherosclerosis

atherosclerosis is a life-threatening disease that may have begun to develop during childhood this condition is a process in which deposits of fatty material, call plaque, build up inside the walls of arteries reducing, or completely blocking, blood flow. although the exact causes of atherosclerosis are not clear many scientists think it begins with damage to the inner wall of […]