How do blood transfusions work? – Bill Schutt

In 1881, doctor William Halsted rushed to help his sister Minnie, who was hemorrhaging after childbirth. He quickly inserted a needle into his arm, withdrew his own blood, and transferred it to her. After a few uncertain minutes, she began to recover. Halsted didn’t know how lucky they’d gotten. His transfusion only worked because he and his sister happened to […]

Osteomyelitis – Causes & Symptoms – Bone Infection

Today we are going to talk about Osteomyelitis Right We’ll talk about its pathology as well as its relevant clinical medicine Right So, first of all, what is meant by osteomyelitis Osteo means bone myelos mean bone marrow Right, Itis mean inflammation So, what is osteomyelitis? Inflammation of bone and bone marrow Right, so what is osteomyelitis? Inflammation of bone […]

This Crab’s Blood May Have Saved Your Life

The horseshoe crab…it’s a living fossil that has called Earth its home for almost half a billion years. It’s outlived dinosaurs and survived mass extinctions and ice ages, but today it’s facing a new threat. Their adaptations have worked with the way the Earth has changed and it’s only in recent years with humans bringing impacts to their population that […]

Premature Atrial Contractions (PACs), Animation.

Premature atrial contractions, PACs, are premature heartbeats originating in one of the upper chambers of the heart, the atria. PACs are common among patients with lung disorders, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD, but they also often occur in healthy people. PACs may be caused or worsened by caffeine, alcohol use, and certain medications. Apart from occasional palpitations, PACs […]

What are Blood Types?

In a lot of important ways, human beings are pretty similar to one other. But when it comes to blood, there are definitely different types. Eight, to be exact. Our different blood types stem from the fact that we all have immune systems. And while they work equally well, they’re not the same. All of the cells in your body […]

The Cardiac Cycle, Animation

The cardiac cycle refers to the sequence of events that occur and repeat with every heartbeat. It can be divided into two major phases: systole and diastole, each of which subdivides into several smaller phases. Systole and diastole when not specified otherwise refer to ventricular contraction and relaxation, respectively. Reminders: Blood flows from higher to lower pressure. Contraction increases the […]

4 Ways to Cut the Cost of Medication

– In our money vs medicine series, we uncover the real costs of healthcare, like this, more than two million Americans are skipping their heart medications because they can’t afford them, that’s the alarming finding of a new study from the American Heart Association, and in this study, they looked at 14 000 people, they surveyed them between the years […]