How To Never Forget To Take Your Medication- Hourbands – Medical NonAdherence Solution

more than fifty percent of america is affected by something called medication non-adherence this is typically people forgetting to take their medicine we have grown so accustomed to this that most people just accept forgetting to take their medicine as normal but did you know that each year 7 million people are hospitalized and 125,000 people die for mismanaging medication […]

Judy on medication and depression

Having help with anti-depressants, helped me make a lot of good decisions as well. Because going … talking about my breasts cancer, I had a right mastectomy and because of all my worry in between, I actually became strong enough to have a second mastectomy, even though it was non affected and it was the best thing I could have […]

What is Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) / Small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL)?

Hello, my name’s George Follows. I’m a consultant haematologist in Cambridge, where I have the clinical lead for CLL and lymphoma. So what is CLL? Well, CLL stands for ‘chronic lymphocytic leukaemia’ and if it’s the first time you’ve come across this disease, well that’s quite a frightening sounding name. Leukaemia just refers to these cells involving the blood, so […]

COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Animation.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, is a PROGRESSIVE inflammatory lung disease characterized by INCREASING breathing difficulty. Other symptoms include cough, most commonly with mucus, chest tightness and wheezing. COPD develops as a result of LONG-TERM exposure to irritants such as smoke, chemical fumes or dusts, and may go UNNOTICED for years. Most people show symptoms after the age of […]

This Is Why So Many Women Suffer From Chronic Bloating

This Is Why So Many Women Suffer From Chronic Bloating 3. Premenstrual Syndrome: Often referred to as PMS, this mental and physical symptom occurs approximately 5-11 days before the beginning of a woman’s menstrual cycle. One of the most common symptoms is bloating. This type of bloating can be controlled though. Making lifestyle changes such as drinking more fluids, taking […]