What is Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) / Small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL)?

Hello, my name’s George Follows. I’m a consultant haematologist in Cambridge, where I have the clinical lead for CLL and lymphoma. So what is CLL? Well, CLL stands for ‘chronic lymphocytic leukaemia’ and if it’s the first time you’ve come across this disease, well that’s quite a frightening sounding name. Leukaemia just refers to these cells involving the blood, so […]

What’s been the impact on your social life?

Even though I still don’t have cancer now, my anxiety still remains from when I was ill and I still get tired or I still get ill. I feel like I have to justify if I can’t go out because my immune system is still weak or I’m feeling really tired. It’s hard to explain to some people sometimes because […]

Breathing meditation | Live well with blood cancer

We’re going to do a mindfulness exercise where we’re paying attention to the breath. So when we practise mindfulness of our breathing, we’re not trying to change the way we breathe. All we’re trying to do is notice it, pay attention, and that can help us become much more present, much more connected with our body, with our emotions. Much […]