How to Read Blood Tests for Cancer

when it comes to reading your blood test with myeloma make sure that you fit yourself in the bracket so it might say -1 + + 8 and you have to be correctly somewhere inside that don’t panic if you’re not totally inside that more importantly be careful to evaluate your red and white blood cells so you have the […]

Heart Attack! | SoulPancake Street Team

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Community Based Rehabilitation – Hypertension and health

Momol=Filipino slang term meaning “to kiss passionately i.e. making out real hard 💏 😀 It’s a funny joke. *laughter* ..And you; you go with Doc. Me!? We’ll say “Level 1 or Stage 1 Hypertension bla bla bla.” Has anyone seen the extension cord? …about uhm, health awareness. So, they’ll be taking your vital signs and giving you information about hypertension. […]

Dr. Dean Ornish Says Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Chronic Heart Disease | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

– So you have done studies on people who have actually– I know, over the years– who have reversed chronic heart disease? We’ve found that even severe heart disease can be reversed. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. We did the first randomized trial showing with Dr. Peter Carroll, who is the Chair of Urology at UCSF; and […]