Hypertension, could your cat be at risk?

Hello I’m Steph, one of the senior nurses here and this is Ink. During the month of May it’s Feline Hypertension Awareness Month. Hypertension is commonly seen in cats over eight years old and its Associated with some diseases such as chronic kidney disease, heart problems and hyperthyroid, which is an overactive thyroid and it can cause strokes, blindness and […]

Using an EHR and Quality Data to Improve Hypertension

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by and welcome to the “Using an EHR and Quality Data to Improve Hypertension” webinar, presented by HRSA OHITQ. During the presentation, all participants will be in a “Listen Only” mode. However, you may submit questions to the speakers at any time during the Webinar in writing using the chat feature located […]

🔴ドイツ振動医学による高血圧 悪性編|Hypertension, Malignant by German Oscillatory Medicine.

It is a healing video channel that can experience the frequency which is said to increase self healing power by listening with earphones. This sound source contains frequencies of bands that can not be heard much. Early disabled people can expect effects by vibration from the earphone. After exiting, please take enough moisture. Please turn off the fluorescent light. To […]

Healthy Bread Dip for Hypertension

I guests today are Shanna Sykes and Emily Moody, extension agents with Clemson’s Rural Health and Nutrition program. Emily tell me where you are and what program you’re working on. So I’m in Greenville County and I’m working on a program called Health Coaches for Hypertension Control. So I work with participants in the community that have high blood pressure. […]

High Blood Pressure Diet and Remedies : Top 10 Fruits To Lower and Control High Blood Pressure

If you’re suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension), this video will show you about top 10 fruits that help to lower your blood pressure and control high blood pressure. 1. Blueberry Blueberry is among the healthiest fruits you can eat, assuming you don’t overdo it. They’re relatively low in sugar while being high in fiber and heart-healthy antioxidants. Nitric oxide […]