Introduction to CBT for Chronic Pain

This is Carl, in his early days. Always on the go. Driven by a “need for speed,” he was captivated by planes, trains, and automobiles. His first love? The twin-engine turboprop. The day Carl hit 18, he enlisted in the Air Force. As a fighter pilot, he rocketed off to vast lands and far away places. He never wanted to […]

The Boy Whose Skin Grows Too Fast

DEDE FASCIANO: Harlequin Ichthyosis is a severe skin disorder. It is a genetic disorder that’s inherited at birth. For Evan, it is the most severe form of Ichthyosis. Dede: Time to cozy snuggly? Evan: Yeah and put my sweater! Dede: You want to put your sweater on? JOE FASCIANO: It is a condition that affects his skin and it makes […]

A possible new treatment for alcohol use disorder

Simple moments like these are something Dr. Frank Plummer says he’ll never take for granted. For over the past decade he has fought alcohol use disorder. Similar to some Canadians, he was high-functioning. It started when he was pioneering research in Kenya around the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis. So I was constantly writing then you’re dealing with patients, you’re […]

Kevin Smith: I’m “Living on Borrowed Time” After Heart Attack | THR News

Kevin Smith says he feels like, after his heart attack, he’s “living on borrowed time.” On Monday, the filmmaker tweeted that he’d suffered a “massive” heart attack, saying his doctor told him he had “100% blockage of my LAD artery (aka ‘the Widow-Maker’).” Two days later, he returned home. And on Thursday, he gave his first interview about his health […]

Boy Playing PUBG Game Dies of Heart Attack

Furkan Quereshi was 16 years old. He was from from Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh. His family and relatives had gone out for a marriage. After having his lunch, he started playing PUBG. He was addicted to this game and played for 6 hours straight. His sister was sitting next to him and encouraging him. He was very excited and suddenly shouted, […]

Complex Congenital Heart Disease: Double Switch Surgery

Bennett was born, uh August 28th, 2013, everything seemed really normal. At his two month checkup, the pediatrician found a heart murmur, and, she told us it wasn’t a big deal, maybe get it check out , she recommended Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Little did we know that pretty much our whole world changed when we got up here. Bennett has […]

Is Santa Claus at risk of a heart attack?

Osmosis videos often include famous people who have had a disease, and it’s for two reasons: one it helps to destigmatize having the disease, and two, it helps to serve as a memory anchor for remembering the specifics of the disease. Today we’re discussing one of the biggest celebrities of all: Santa Claus! Indeed, because of his age, his relationship […]

Surviving Heart Attack – Cecil’s Story

I had an appointment on the 15th of May. My wife and daughter dropped me off. I got my scooter out of the trunk of the car. I went inside the hospital but between the coffee shop and the elevators on the first floor, I had a heart attack. Cecil had a massive heart attack at the VA on that […]