Tips for Taking Blood Pressure Medicines As Directed

[NARRATOR] Meet America’s adults over 65. Seventy percent of them have high blood pressure… and nearly fifty percent of those don’t have it under control. Even with Medicare Part D coverage, about 5 million adults aren’t taking their blood pressure medicines as directed. So why does that matter? Because high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of heart […]

Hypertension and High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy, What are the Risk Factors of Eclampsia?

Welcome to My Channel Health for you What are the Risk Factors of eclampsia? If you have or have had severe preeclampsia, you may be at risk for eclampsia. Other risk factors for seizures during pregnancy include: hypertension (high blood pressure) headaches being older than 35 years or younger than 20 years pregnancy with twins first-time pregnancy history of poor […]

High Blood Pressure – Take Control

High blood pressure has a domino effect. It can cause stroke, heart attack, or heart failure. It even causes vision loss kidney disease and sexual dysfunction. You heard me. It doesn’t have symptoms but the consequences are serious. You can take control with the simple test. Check your blood pressure before it checks you.

Does bacteria in your gut impact blood pressure?

Most of the medications for high blood pressure are focused on organs and corrections of their functionality such as the kidney the vessels and the heart but this is a new area where we stay away from all of those and bring a new paradigm that the gut bacteria influence your blood pressure. Getting this grant is huge there’s a […]

Hypertension Discussion Part 1

WALLACE: I went into the emergency room for another problem. I had chest pains and I went in for that. and once I found out I was in there for chest pains it just turned out to be gas in my chest but they told me I had, I was diabetic and I had hypertension too so I didn’t know […]

Lower Your High Blood Pressure With This Tasty Treat

In the past, I’ve spoken about how bad high blood pressure is for your health. Of course, it can lead to a heart attack or stroke. However, high blood pressure also accelerates aging, decreases blood flow, causes wrinkles, hair loss, memory problems and erectile problems… just to name a few. And the older you get, the higher your blood pressure […]

Episode 6: Cutting Hair and Hypertension at Nashville Barbershops

(gentle music) Welcome back to Healthy Communities News. I’m Hilary Russo. Today, we’re in Nashville, Tennessee, a city famous for its live music. But, we’re going to what’s often the center of the neighborhood, a local barbershop. Barbershops are not just places to gather, get a haircut, and discuss your favorite sports team. These community hubs also have the potential […]