Missouri Hypertension Control Summit

(fast instrumental music) – Right now in the city of St. Louis we have an incidence of high blood pressure of 300,000. That’s filling Bush Stadium six times. – High blood pressure is the leading risk factor on the planet for premature death and disability and in the United States it’s the leading modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease. It’s […]

Hypertension can exist without symptoms

High blood pressure or hypertension can increase your risk of heart attack and heart failure. Hypertension can be associated with certain chronic conditions like diabetes and sleep apnea or lifestyle factors like diet, stress level or if you smoke or drink. It’s a good idea to get your blood pressure checked annually. You can have hypertension without day-to-day symptoms. For […]

Heart Disease Hight Blood Pressure Reversing breakthroughs.

this is an important message to men and women suffering from heart disease from the doctors at the international truth and medicine Council a breakthrough in heart disease and high cholesterol treatments has been achieved if you have heart troubles high cholesterol blocked arteries or know someone with these conditions then listen carefully the following presentation this might save your […]