Determinants of Cardiac Output – Part 2 of 3

So we know that one factor that determines pressure in the system, and thus determines flow, is fluid volume. The pressure in any hydraulic system is a product of volume and system compliance. So let’s look at the compliance of this system. Compliance of the beds can be decreased by contracting the muscles around the beds, thereby decreasing distensibility. If […]

ECG basics

Electrocardiography is a method of visualization of the electrical activity of the heart. It allows seeing the processes of depolarization and repolarization in the heart over a certain period of time using electrodes placed on the patient’s skin. Electrodes are the conductive pads. ECG device registers an electrical potential difference between the two certain locations. The pair of electrodes may […]

Heart Healthy Cardiac Physiology

– Hi, my name’s Jenny Sprengler. I’m an RN with the cardiology clinic at the St. Cloud VA. Today we’re going to talk about cardiac physiology, or how your heart works. The heart is a muscle, it’s about the size of your fist, and it sits in the center of your chest and a little bit to the left. It’s […]

CARDIAC CYCLE : The Rhythm of Life

Did you ever feel the lub dub sound our heart makes? Did it ever intrigue you to know the process that really goes behind that? It may seem just a sound but when we pull up the curtains there is a very interesting process known as cardiac cycle which results in the superficial lub dub sound that we all are […]

Cardiac Cycle – Systole & Diastole – Cardiology

now, today we’ll be talking about the cardiac cycle. and the cardiac cycle we’ll be discussing in two fashions, and one way we will discussing cardiac cycle while I will be doing different diagrams and in second phase, We’ll discuss the cardiac cycle Uhhhhh, When I will be presenting the errands during the cardiac cycle Graphically So first of all,

Determinants of Cardiac Output – Part 1 of 3

An understanding of the determinants of cardiac output is essential to both medical specialists in their dealing with heart disease and hypertension, and to surgical specialists who deal with shock states and the maintenance of adequate circulation during surgical procedures. In this program, I’ll introduce you to some fundamental yet often misunderstood concepts about the determinants of cardiac output by […]

Heart Anatomy: Cardiac Blood Flow Atrium, Ventricle, Systemic, pulmonary valves

HelpHippo: Better than learning from Wikipedia This is a heart. Atrium. Ventricles. Big “V” on the bottom for ventricles. The heart has 4 valves, remembered by “My Try Pulls All” Mitral Tricuspid, Pulmonary Aortic. The atrium is the “entry” in for blood. So let’s follow the cardiac blood flow on the left and right sides of the heart. Oxygenated blood […]

Hypertension can exist without symptoms

High blood pressure or hypertension can increase your risk of heart attack and heart failure. Hypertension can be associated with certain chronic conditions like diabetes and sleep apnea or lifestyle factors like diet, stress level or if you smoke or drink. It’s a good idea to get your blood pressure checked annually. You can have hypertension without day-to-day symptoms. For […]