High Cholesterol Medications

Hi! I’m robo-Suzie and today I’ll talk to you about High Cholesterol Medications. Also don’t forget to subscribe for more tips in the future! But back to our topic. If you are suffering from high cholesterol then there are a number of different types of medication that your doctor can prescribe you and they will have both their advantages and […]


Are you ready? Hey, there’s someone trying to be close to me (You attack my heart, you attack my heart) Yeah, I’m talking ’bout you (You attack my heart, you attack my heart) dAmn (Uh-oh) The day we first met, inside my quiet heart As if a new world has opened Accelerate particularly, move You’re so ridiculous I’m a little […]

Heart Attack Symptoms : What Is a Heart Attack?

We’re here today to talk about heart attacks. What happens when your body is having a heart attack, how you can recognize that you’re having a heart attack, and what you should do. In medical terminology a heart attack is referred to as a myocardial infarction, which literally translated, means death of your heart muscle from a deprivation of oxygen. […]

What is Syncope? – Dr. Naushad Shaik

Syncope is a condition where you lose your consciousness and you pass out. There are various causes of syncope. The most common is you’ve been standing too long and you are dehydrated. You just don’t have enough fluid where you feel dizzy and you pass out. You collapse to the floor. When you nearly collapse to the floor, the condition […]

Why left arm pain during heart attack? గుండె పోటు టైంలో ఎడమ చేయి ఎందుకు లాగుతుంది? Hand Pain Relief

This sound is the soul of life for us Human’s Biological rytham A heartbeat that is constantly sounding It is the living mantra that gives life to the cell in the body If this sounds gets abnormality If the muscle of a living organism is depleted Our heart aches Severe pain hurts as the whole chest is squeezed It’s like […]

What is Syncope? – Dr. Colin Movsowitz

So what is syncope? Your physician will say you had a syncopal event. Well, what’s the definition of syncope? Syncope is very specific. Syncope requires that you have lost consciousness and that you lose postural tone. It’s exceedingly important that both those features are met before somebody says you have syncope. You can’t have syncope and be sitting in a […]

TLC Pack English: Heart Attack

During this session we will look at how you might tell if someone has a heart attack. we will also make sure you have enough information to know what to do in such an emergency. Can anyone tell me what a heart attack is? Yes Peter? Is it when the heart suddenly stops beating? Not exactly. What you have described […]

One day we’ll prevent heart attacks

One day I went out on a simple family outing to go shopping and I came back without a father. My dad came home from work and said it’s late night shopping, let’s go check it out. We got in the car and I don’t know what caused it but we had some sort of argument, he had some sort […]