Christina Herrera, Type 2: Heart-to-Heart

– Please give a very warm welcome to Christina Herrera. (audience applause) – How many of us have hoped to fly right under the radar? Whether it was at work, someone staring at you at the bar, or the cop because you just ran a red light. Me, yeah. That nervous feeling, looking back, hoping he doesn’t move from his […]

Dr. Jennifer Ashton- Heart Disease Symptoms in Women

The heart attack symptom may not be the classic crushing chest pain in a woman. So what is it? Shortness of breath, fatigue, flu like feeling. Guess what a woman is told when she gets those feelings. You’re overworked. You’re having a little anxiety. You’re under stress. And then the treatment should be different. So if you really connect the […]

Heart Attack Symptoms : Heart Attack Response: Take Aspirin

Everybody has heard that aspirin will help a person that’s having a heart attack, and that is true. Statistics show that aspirin decreases the mortality rate in heart attack victims. Aspirin has anti-platelet or anti-clotting effects on your heart; however, remember this, you should not take aspirin if you’re allergic to it. If you’re sensitive because of ulcers or stomach […]

Heart Attack Symptoms : Heart Disease Factors

Who gets heart attacks? And, in general you would think an elderly, overweight male who smokes, that suffers a heart attack, and collapses and dies. But, in actuality, any man, especially over the age of 40, any woman over the age of 50, and even younger and healthier people can suffer heart attacks. In general people who are sedentary, overweight, […]