The Answers On Sex And Heart Disease

Sex is a delicate topic and without a doubt it’s a topic that we all have heard of either in secret or either outright but it’s something that we don’t usually talk about in public, so in this video, we’re gonna be emphasising on the answers on sex and heart disease, coming right up. Hey y’all Aman here and you’re […]

Heart Attack Symptoms : Signs of a Heart Attack

Classic signs of a heart attack. Patients that have a heart attack often complain of chest pain, which they described as crushing pressure, or heaviness in the chest, often associated with an elephant sitting on their chest, or being kicked in the chest by a mule. This pain can be very sharp or at sometimes dull. The pain will also […]

Echocardiography in Valvular Heart Disease

My area of research is in valve disease and I’ve always found valvular heart to be the most interesting from a physiologic standpoint. It also is well-diagnosed with using imaging which is my specialty, echocardiography. So it’s been a great way to combine my interest in cardiovascular physiology and imaging. Well my area of research is on mitral regurgitation, which […]