Women and Heart Disease

(upbeat music) [Dr. Jennifer Lin Yeh] Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer of women in this country, which I think is not well understood. It actually outranks breast cancer as a loss of life. And after menopause, the risk for women is equal to the risk of men of having a major cardiovascular event. The risk factors for women […]

What Causes A Heart Attack?

For quite sometime I’ve been wondering what causes a heart attack and why is it even called a heart attack. So in this video I’m gonna be explaining those things. Coming, right up. Hey guys and gals, Aman here and you’re watching Heart Limits. So let’s start off by the concept of heart attacks. Well while I was growing up […]

Heart Disease Hight Blood Pressure Reversing breakthroughs.

this is an important message to men and women suffering from heart disease from the doctors at the international truth and medicine Council a breakthrough in heart disease and high cholesterol treatments has been achieved if you have heart troubles high cholesterol blocked arteries or know someone with these conditions then listen carefully the following presentation this might save your […]

Oviedo ER Heart Attack Patient Hal Elliott’s Story

(upbeat orchestral music) – [Narrator] Located in the heart of Central )Florida, Oviedo is a great community for busy families. It has excellent schools, fabulous outdoor recreation, and now it has Oviedo ER. And that’s made a difference in the lives of residents like Hal Elliott. – My daughter and I went to the grocery store Saturday morning like 10:00-ish, […]