Tips to Prevent Heart Attack

>So could we prevent heart attacks give us some good news?>Yes we can. — yay — Like… this is the thing prevention starts with you, with the patient. So if you know that in your family there’s a history of strokes, heart attacks, sudden death, cholesterol issues, hypertension issues, diabetes, you’re the first person that needs to identify yourself as […]

Heart Attack: Signs & Symptoms

(upbeat music) – Local, live, late breaking WESH 2 News Sunrise on CW18 – We are winding down February, Heart Health Month. And you know, it’s really important you know what to look out for when it comes to your heart’s health. – There are different warning signs and symptoms for men and women when it comes to a heart […]

What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

The classic symptoms of a heart attack would be a pretty sudden onset chest discomfort, usually described as a tightness or a heaviness and not a sharp or stabbing pain. That chest discomfort commonly spreads to the arms, in particular the left arm. It can often spread to the neck, shoulders or jaw. Not all patients experience these classic symptoms, […]