(Lay) (Baekhyun) (Sehun) (Tao) (Suho) (D.O) (Kai) (Kris) (Luhan) (Chanyeol) (Xiumin) (Chen) My eyes are far since the beginning, the glint that can make any which light be in shame You are a strong flashlight Still yet your figure forever is a afterimage, flashback I walked through a long maze, through a vision that looked like you Your figure that […]

How to know if you’re having a heart attack

So everybody knows that chest pain is typical symptom of a heart attack. Well there are other atypical symptoms that you can get if you’re having a heart attack, especially women . Things such as back pain, shortness of breath jaw pain, neck pain, heartburn, feeling like you’ve had acid reflux. These are some of the things that you can […]

CMH ER Tips: Heart Attack

(bright music) – Hi, I’m Cheryl. And today we’re gonna talk about heart attacks. Heart attacks occur when blood is either restricted or cut off to the heart muscle completely. And this can lead to permanent damage. Knowing how to recognize a heart attack and knowing how to respond can be lifesaving. The most common sign of a heart attack […]