Vegetables To Cure Heart Disease II सब्ज़ियों से ह्रदय रोग का बचाव II

Welcome to health care at home Today I will tell you some vegetables, with which using them you can prevent yourself from heart disease. And under this category the most important vegetable is That is Garlic which is called Lehsun Lehsun (Garlic) thins the blood Regulates cholesterol Reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol Along with this , improves the […]

Oviedo ER Heart Attack Patient Hal Elliott’s Story

(upbeat orchestral music) – [Narrator] Located in the heart of Central )Florida, Oviedo is a great community for busy families. It has excellent schools, fabulous outdoor recreation, and now it has Oviedo ER. And that’s made a difference in the lives of residents like Hal Elliott. – My daughter and I went to the grocery store Saturday morning like 10:00-ish, […]

Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke with Carrot II गाजर से दिल और दिल के दौरे का रक्षण II

Welcome to health care at home In our previous episode we were talking about qualities of carrots Let us take that topic further and i will tell one of the important quality of carrot That qualities is , if you eat carrot then can prevent from heart attach How? it is know by the latest research that people who eat […]

Chain of Survival & Mission: Lifeline – Heart Attack Survivor

(dramatic music) – I’ve been involved with the AHA since about 2007, when we initiated our state STEMI program, the Virginia Heart Attack Coalition, and since then we’ve been working in collaboration with Mission Lifeline to approve STEMI care in Virginia. – American Heart Association put into place Misson Lifeline initiative to really improve systems of heart attack care, MiCare. […]

Can big data attack heart disease? (4 Dec 2014)

Good afternoon, everybody and welcome to this term’s last Lunch Hour Lecture, which is entitled Can Big Data Attack Heart Disease? The lecturer today is Professor Harry Hemingway whose first degrees were at Cambridge and he’s been at UC a good time and is now the director of the Farr Institute of Health Informatics, which is a wonderful institute which […]