Lower Your Blood Pressure With These Tips

How To Lower Your Blood Pressure When it comes to taking care of your life and body, staying healthy is a full time job. This is especially true for people who struggle with certain medical conditions which require special attention and consideration, such as people with high blood pressure. However, if you or someone close to you is currently suffering […]

7 Symptoms of Leukemia in Children | Signs of Leukemia

Leukemia is cancer of the blood cells. Blood cells and platelets are produced in the bone marrow. In leukemia, some new white blood cells (WBCs) fail to mature properly. These immature cells continue to reproduce at a rapid rate, crowding out healthy cells and producing a host of symptoms. Leukemia is the most common type of childhood cancer, affecting about […]

Ischaemic Heart Disease

Hi! I’m robo-Suzie and today I’ll talk to you about Ischaemic Heart Disease. Also don’t forget to subscribe for more tips in the future! But back to our topic. Signs and Symptoms. In the initial stages of the disease it is unlikely for any symptoms to manifest. The primary symptoms that will be present after the disease has progressed will […]

Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema

Every time you smoke a cigarette, toxic gases pass into your lungs, then into your bloodstream, where they spread to every organ in your body. A cigarette is made using the tobacco leaf, which contains nicotine and a variety of other compounds. As the tobacco and compounds burn, they release thousands of dangerous chemicals, including over forty known to cause […]

Risk Factors for Heart Disease: Exercise

Not enough time. Not enough money. I’m not in shape. I can’t do it. I’ve heard it all. I get it. You’re busy. Between work and kids, you’re lucky if you have time to sleep let alone go to the gym. You don’t have to go to the gym 7 days a week to treat your body to the benefits […]

New Rx Shows Promise for Pulmonary Hypertension

I’m Shelby Cullinan with today’s health news. Pulmonary arterial hypertension, or PAH, can make everyday activities difficult. But a new treatment may be on the horizon. Only days after selexipag got approval from the US FDA, a new study was published showing the drug’s potential for treating PAH. This study found that selexipag successfully cut the rates of hospitalization and […]