High Fat Diet and Heart Disease

You know clearly one of the biggest pushbacks to the idea of eating more fat is that somehow it’s going to cause a stroke or heart attack. And this was actually recently looked at in the New England Journal of Medicine where they compared the standard low fat diet that everyone still recommends to a diet that has a lot […]

National Rural Health Day Webinar: Rural Clinics’ Role in Hypertension and Diabetes Management

[Begins mid-sentence] office manual that we created and learning opportunities such as this webinar. Since tomorrow is National Rural Health Day it’s an annual opportunity to focus on the unique challenges and opportunities related to health care in rural communities. So this webinar is intended to highlight a successful state partnership between the primary care and rural health office and […]

5 Types Of Food That Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

5 Types Of Food That Help Lower Your Blood Pressure Blood pressure refers to the pressure that the flow of your blood exerts against the walls of the arteries within your body. When the pressure is too high, this causes hypertension to occur, which can damage the walls of your blood vessels and lead to numerous health-related complications such as […]

Symptoms and Complications of Hypertension with Farzana Khan, MD

(dramatic music) – [Narrator] Health Break is brought to you by Capital Regional Medical Center, the regions fastest ER wait times. – Hypertension, or high blood pressure, affects one in four Americans, and if elevated enough, requires immediate treatment. Doctor Farzana Khan describes the symptoms of a hypertensive emergency. – Headache, severe headache, chest pain, shortness of breath, nose bleeds, […]

Portal Hypertension, Animation

portal hypertension refers to high blood pressures in the hepatic portal vein the large vein that carries blood from the digestive tract spleen and pancreas to the liver within the liver blood runs through tiny channels where it exchanges contents with the liver cells this is where nutrients are processed toxins and pathogens are removed from the blood before it […]

The Upside of Stress

When I need to unwind, there’s nothing I love more than an “experience.” Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, Zip-lining or even just riding roller coasters at Coney Island. These aren’t relaxing activities by any stretch. In fact, they get my adrenaline pumping, so physiologically I’m experiencing “stress,” but I still enjoy them, and I still feel better after them. […]