Low Estrogen And A Yeast Infection

Hi, there. Erik Bakker again from Candida Crusher. Here’s FAQ No. 4. This patient prefers to remain anonymous. Can low estrogen cause a yeast infection? Yes, absolutely. Having a high or low estrogen level can predispose a female towards a vaginal yeast infection. Estrogen has quite an interesting effect on the vaginal tissue. So when there’s not enough estrogen, the […]

What is Syncope? – Dr. Usman Siddiqui

Syncope is referred to as loss of consciousness. The syncope can be due to several causes. The most common causes of syncope are cardiac or neurologic. The way we differentiate cardiac syncope is usually it’s very brief. It occurs suddenly and when you regain consciousness, most of the times you have recollection of the events which happened. If the syncope […]

S. Korea’s ‘pneumonia-like’ illness case unrelated to China outbreak: KCDC

South Korea’s Public Safety and Health Agency has confirmed a single pneumonia like illness case reported in the country this week is not related to the outbreak in China after conducting a so-called pan coronavirus test on a Chinese patient who recently visited Chinese city of Wuhan the Korea Centers of Disease Control and Prevention said on Saturday that her […]