20-30% of epilepsy patients are misdiagnosed: Psychogenic pseudo-seizures & syncope (4)

– Seizures could present in a very typical way, but epilepsy could be confused with other symptoms from other diseases. Dr. Anton Titov MD And also the presentation of seizures could be very different from a typical tonic-clonic seizure. One UK study found that “as many as 20 to 30% of epileptics may have been misdiagnosed.” “Many of these patients […]

Epilepsy treatment new medications (7)

– There are many medications to treat epilepsy. Dr. Anton Titov MD What is a roadmap of how to choose the right epilepsy medications for different patients and different types of epilepsy? The epilepsy therapy medicines that we’re looking for are the ones that are going to work and not cause side effects. So, again, the “no seizures, no side-effects” […]

Coronary Artery Disease: When to Use Medical or Surgical Treatment? (7)

– Treatment of coronary heart disease often focuses on invasive methods. Use of technology is always trendy. Dr. Anton Titov MD Procedures are lucrative for private physician practices. Nevertheless some studies show that medical treatment of coronary heart disease often can be just as effective as surgical and endovascular interventions. How do you treat coronary artery heart disease conservatively in […]